.MOI File Extension

JVC Camcorder Time-Stamp File

Video File
The .MOI file format belongs to files created mainly by JVC camcorders.

These files hold time-stamp information for their accompanying video file (either a .MOD or .TOD file - see links section below).

Please note that these .MOI files do not contain any actual video data.

Other .MOI file extensions

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    2008-12-10 12:33:55
    I purchased the JVC GZ-HD3U video camera(hard drive). There are a couple things that I would like this thing to do but either I am an idiot of I got a camera that wont do what I need.

    1st-I have to have the Time and Date stamp on the burned DVD. HOW??
    2nd-Wanna film for 3,4 or 5 hours with out having to touch a function key to keep it going.
    3rd- Is it possible to film with the power connected to the car and just not use the JVC battery?

    Can ya help a brother out???????? Anyone??
    2008-12-13 03:46:59
    I have an JVC Everio Hard Drive and I was filming and inadvertently turn the volume down. I know have pictures and no sound. Is there any way I can restore the sound? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
    2008-12-21 07:25:00
    I downloaded a AC3 Filter and Windows Media Player now plays videos and SOUND!! Google AC3 Filter free download, After many frustrating hours, I am happy to share this with other frustrated Everio users. Hope it works for you.
    I did not need to convert or change the file extensions, it played the .MOD fine--hooray!!!
    Carey K
    2009-01-01 12:56:53
    I just encountered the MOI problem on my Mac as well. I have a free program called Handbrake that easily converts the videos to a viewable mp4 file. The site is
    2009-01-02 12:46:24
    Does anyone know of any software that can recover video from a JVC Enverio G hard disk recorder, that has been deleted?
    2009-01-15 13:29:01
    To cut and edit your MOD files try VideoReDo, fantastic program can edit cut and save in mpeg format.
    2009-01-30 04:08:34
    how do you edit the movies using windows movie maker, whenever I try to import the video, it says "the file MOD is not a supported file.
    2009-02-06 11:33:39
    okay I have had nothing but frustration with the JVC Everio's recording format file extensions... MOD, and MOI, but I have finally found something that works on page 2 of this forum. Allok Video to MP4 Converter.

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and when I take my MOD files and convert them to MPEG1 in this converter, both the sound and the video work great (well great for the cheezy quality that the camera has to begin with) I just purchased it, but you can download it and try it first (up to 5 min of video)

    Well hope that helps someone... gotta love the social networking of the web :)
    2009-02-18 11:20:36
    I have the JVC camcorder as well and I need to be able to burn the moi files on the cd with mod files I can do the mod files no problem but the moi files need to be there to as it is the time and date anyone know how to do this?
    2009-03-21 01:45:59
    I have a JVC HD 60 Hard Drive camcorder. I accidentally deleted the video of my sons birth and 10 months of life. I am so upset. Can anyone help me find out how I can retrieve it? Please Help!
    2009-03-25 08:08:04
    I have uploaded from Everio HDD amd I'm looking to add text/chapters/menus then burn onto dvd. what should I use
    2009-08-10 18:54:02
    I did as Don suggested and googled AC3 filter, 5 minutes later i was watching my JVC videos with sound on Windows media player. WHOO HOO thanks Don
    Rocky Bunch
    2009-08-19 17:54:21
    For any who cares, if it hasn't been posted yet? The .MOD file can just be renamed to a .AVI file and windows will treat it just like a true AVI File. You can make your DVD from these files.
    2009-08-24 05:03:01
    People is there another movie maker software that can recognise MOD & MOI files so that we can edit our movies instead of working around windows movie maker.
    2009-12-02 20:40:24
    to answer Korowa. I have been using Power Director for more than a year (ver 7?). It reads the JVC .TOD without any conversion. I haven't had any luck with anyting reading the attached MOI file. Therefore, time and date stamping a file just isn't available.
    2009-12-26 07:55:01
    KUDOS to Don (Top of this page)for his useful advice of the AC3 Filter. Tried it and it works great!! Free and quick! Many thanks and cheers to you Don!
    2010-01-12 01:07:56
    I have accidentally deleted the video files on my JVC hard drive camcorder - does anyone know of a reliable software to retrieve them or is it a lost hope?
    2010-01-31 04:22:24
    Yes, Thanks Don for the AC3 filter tip. Worked great. I have sound finally. Just renamed file extension to .avi, and now with the filter download, I have video and sound playback on Windows Media Player.
    2010-02-24 09:23:03
    I've been able to successfully edit my JVC HDD'S ".TOD" files using Adobe Premiere CS3 along with the MainConcept Mpeg Pro Plugin. Without the plugin, I was able to import the video files (.TOD) by changing their extension to .MPG, but found that with the Mainconcept plugin I didn't need to rename the files, and image visualizing and output result were both much smoother.

    As to visualizing, the format these cameras record in is generally MPEG-2, so as long as you have the required codecs, you shouldn't have any problems visualizing them on your usual video playing software.

    Otherwise, I can highly recommend VLC Player (free, and available for Windows, MAC & Linux), which comes along with it's own codecs (doesn't require the user to install any additional codec packs) and can handle pretty much any format you throw at it.

    Hope this info is of some use. Cheers!
    2010-03-25 12:29:08
    Yes, Thanks Don for the AC3 filter tip. Worked great! I have sound finally. I got mine at http://download [dot] com/windows/3055-2170_4-190264.html?tag=pdl-redir

    I Downloaded and installed the filter, renamed file extension from .MOV to .mpeg, and now with the filter download and installed, I have video and sound playback on Windows Media Player.

    Don You rock! :)
    Jeff Tillack
    2010-05-01 21:19:55
    For Mac people, use Toast Titanium to convert the MOD files to DV. Easy.
    Elias Santiago
    2010-09-13 21:27:30
    I accidentally recorded videos on a 2 second time lapse thinking it was a simple playback option and now my video clips play super fast. Does anyone know how to reverse this or to edit so I can watch them in real time with audio?
    2011-05-12 17:16:38
    Use modcopy to rename/adjust MOD files according to the date timestamp and aspect-ratio information contained in the MOI file:
    2011-09-04 16:47:42
    I too have searched the Net for answers around this same problem......however I have THE SOLUTION!

    Simply google Handbrake, open up the application, decide your settings and the program coverts it straight to MP4...all for free. This can then be transferred into iTunes by dragging and dropping the home-made movie, or simply edit via iMovie and then if required burn onto a payable disc using iDVD. SIMPLE....well if you have a Mac anyway!
    kundan kaushik
    2011-10-07 05:56:48
    I want to create a DVD to run by any DVD player but my video file format is in mod -moi format which can not able to convert into DVD file.
    2012-03-07 06:18:44
    In the process of trying to convert my .MOD and .MOI files to .MPG I have deleted ONLY THE EXTENSIONS from the file name. There are 64 files with out file extensions and I have tried to rename them as they were but they still do not play or convert to the new .MPG file format, even when I use a file converting programme.