.MOI File Extension

JVC Camcorder Time-Stamp File

Video File
The .MOI file format belongs to files created mainly by JVC camcorders.

These files hold time-stamp information for their accompanying video file (either a .MOD or .TOD file - see links section below).

Please note that these .MOI files do not contain any actual video data.

Other .MOI file extensions

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    John Sal
    2007-06-25 01:56:50
    I am looking for any application that will read those .moi files. The .moi files stores the date and time of the recorded movie in JVC camcorder. Thanks in advance for any help
    Per Arnold Blsmo
    2007-07-10 02:56:34
    I can see that the first 2 byted is 'V' (0x56) and in my case '6' (0x36) probably showing the version number of the file format. The next 4 bytes is probably a long int showing the size of the file in bytes.The next 2 bytes is the year (0x07d7=2007 in my case). 1 byte is month (0x07 = July in my case), and 1 byte is day of month (0x08 = day 8 in my case). Thats as far as I have decoded so far. My guess is that the next bytes is the time of day or something.
    Chris Aitchison
    2007-07-28 10:42:59
    I cannot read the pitures on my JVC everio HDD camcorder I tried to view them with windows media but it would not recognise the file type as it was MOI, is there any free downloads for this type as i cannot see my holiday snaps. HELP !!!!
    2007-08-11 12:22:22
    Hi Chris,
    I am having the same problem, have tried the net with no luck!! Any advise on an editing programme that might work. I have tried SONY and Pinnacle both did'nt work!!
    2007-08-16 11:04:54
    i am tryin to copy my videos and pictures on to my computer but they will not work !!

    someone help

    please!! x0x0x0x0x0 alexa!@
    Per Arnold Blsmo
    2007-08-19 01:12:56
    First of all .MOI files is "Movie Information" files. The actual movie/video is in the .MOV file. One easy way to is to copy the .MOV file to a .MPG file, but then you lose some information about the video which is located in the .MOI file.

    There is an application that is called sdcopy.exe (written bY "Sektionschef" ) that reads the .MOV and .MOI file and copies those to a .MPG file. See here.
    Brad Andrews
    2008-01-05 13:36:53
    I made the mistake of selecting Windows Media Player as the program TO OPEN WITH for all MOI files. I meant to select the MOD files to open with Windows media player. So the question I have is how the heck do I deselect the Windows Media player and replace it with Unknown as I don't want to associate any programs to the MOI file. Any ideas?

    One other issue, I can't use the restore / calendar feature as this was selected over a year ago by my wife, and I have not use the JVC HDD camcorder on her computer till today. Now have no idea how to reset the MOI file progam association to unknow?

    Any ideas.
    2008-01-09 18:01:42
    in windows explorer click on Tools, Folder Options. Select the File Types tab, scroll down to where moi is listed, select it and delete it. Next time you try to open the moi file it will ask you to select the program to open it with, select what you want to try but make sure the "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" box is unticked.
    2008-01-23 16:44:17
    I have bought the JVC Everio Camcorder and was able to put the files on my computer. Like the others the files are in .MOD and .MOI format. Unlike the others, I have a Mac computer and would like to do my video editing on this computer that runs on OS which means I cannot use the software provided. What can I do to convert these files so that I may be able to run them in programs such as Quicktime, Flash, Primier, and After Effects, for viewing, web work, and editing?
    Ronald Dodge
    2008-01-23 16:53:19
    The files on a friend's JVC are with extensions of MOD (the actual movies) and MOI. After copying the files onto the computer, change the MOD files to mpg, and it will play in Real Player or what ever program is associated with the mpg file extension.
    2008-03-07 23:46:11
    I have finally found a program to convert my MOD video files to a usable format (wmv, avi, etc.). It is Allok Video to MP4 Converter. Don't be misled by the title. This program will convert to other formats as well. Hope this is helpful.
    2008-03-08 21:30:04
    Like Henry I also have a mac and want to import the files into final cut for editing. I heard that you could import them into quicktime and then export them as another file but i cant even open them in quicktime.

    Does anyone know a program compatible for mac that will convert an .moi file?
    2008-03-14 09:10:02
    For Mac users: this is a really annoying issue - can't use iMovie either. A workaround is to download ffmpegX (just google it) + the three additional files the program asks for and then convert the files to whatever format you like.

    It takes some time, but what can you do? Answer - don't buy JVC again!
    2008-04-08 21:12:28
    I uploaded the movie files from the camcorder to my computer and when i open the movie files it doesn't have any sound. Does this have anything to do with MOI files? What do i do to make the sound come back, and what do i do with the MOI files?

    - Please reply asap I'm doing a project for class thanks :)
    2008-04-12 08:29:29
    For the moment i just take the mod files and i've no problem for the sound. It should be something else. My question was: is it possible to have day & hour on the avi file?

    I just got them on the camcorder but not on the PC. It's perhaps with the MOI files ?

    Victor Reijs
    2008-04-19 14:09:12
    I made a small BASIC program to read some information from the MOI file:
    2008-04-23 06:38:25
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a big problem, I accidentally remove the MOD files on my computer and now all I have is the MOI files. Is there anyway I can recover my MOD files back?? I hate to think that I lost our vacation trip video.

    Please help!! anyone??
    Victor Reijs
    2008-04-23 15:50:06
    Hello Joanna,

    If you just deleted them, can't you restore them from your 'Recycle Bin'? In Windows files which are deleted by the user are kept there for some time.

    You can restore them if you see them in this 'Recycle Bin'.
    The MOI has no video/audio in it (only meta data), so they are of no use in this sense.

    I hope they are in the Recycle bin!

    All the best,

    Janet Atkins
    2008-05-06 13:43:29
    Like everyone else I cannot download my videos form my JVC Everio camcorder please help with some information
    Victor Reijs
    2008-05-07 17:11:30
    Hello Janet,

    I just connect my JVC to my computer, and look for the new disc that will pop up. Than in the folder Video all the video files are there and you can just drag them to a directory on you hard disk. Just see the JVC as a USB memory stick (there is no difference).

    All the best,

    2008-05-10 06:55:35
    i have jvc cam frist i have same problem but now i slove this prob. you convert this moi file in to mpg4 file to use total video converter then you watch this on your computer
    2008-05-25 09:27:25
    Is there a simple way to watch the movies from my JVC camcorder? Is there a player or program that will play them?
    2008-05-30 12:28:20
    When I convert my MOD file to Mpeg file on my Mac, it works fine,however there is no voice, why?
    2008-05-31 13:56:58
    They work with Windows Media Player.
    2008-06-03 22:43:35
    How do I possibly convert the MOI(audio) files into a format that I can import into Final Cut? The MOD files can be simply renamed as .mpeg files and easily imported into final cut, but the MOI's are a different story. I have tried MP3's, AIF's, WAV's, but Final Cut still does not recognize the file.

    What do I do?
    2008-06-04 20:42:13
    I am also having problems with sound. I have converted several files to mpeg but I am still not getting any sound any Ideas?
    Ronald Dodge
    2008-06-05 19:02:08
    MOI files are just Movie Information files

    MOD files contains the motion/still pictures and sound.

    For downloading, I ended up going through Windows Explorer to copy them from the JVC to the Computer. Of course, that means there's a connection between the JVC and the computer with the connection to the JVC setup as a drive on the computer.
    Dr. Z
    2008-06-28 15:14:30
    wow... the app ffmpegX IS a joke. NO HELP AT ALL!
    2008-07-01 01:06:07
    I lost the software that came with my camera doh. Im in the process of getting another copy but from what I can gather when u load the software onto a mac you install a patch for quicktime pro so thats why u cant find an application when its installed. This patch apparently allows u to convert the files into a type that is compatible with i-movie and final cut. Has any one tried this? Could you let me know if this works if anyone gets a chance to test this before me.
    2008-07-09 23:00:58
    The solution to changing MOD MOI files for mac users has been found! On the Apple site there is a download for VisualHub a very easy to use program, drag the MOD files into it and turn them to whatever is useful for you, I was able to convert them for aftereffects and it turned out great, very easy to use, it is about $24.00 and even the quality of the end result can be adjusted, pretty basic but works great! the MOI files seemed to have to use so I tossed them, and the MOD files were pretty much all I needed. Late
    2008-07-11 09:00:05
    Once the JVC movie files along with the .MOI fles are downloaded to the computer, can you then erase the .MOI files without any impact on reading the .MOD files?
    2008-07-12 18:32:01
    Hi Boys and girl MAC users! (works on windows to)

    Here's a tip that you can use for opening and converting the MOD files once you've downloaded them from your cam:

    It's a little program called VisualHub and infact it is amazing!

    Just drag and drop them into VisualHub and you can convert to iTunes/PSP/DV/DVD/AVI/MP4/WMV/MPEG/Flash and it works pretty fast as well! Before I used MPEG streamclip and that does the trick as well but it takes a bit long and the program sometimes just gives up when files are a little bigger...( Streamclip link

    Once converted, you can use iMovie/Final Cut Pro or any other video edditing program you like and make your movie!

    Another tip for those who make long videos ;-) you can't burn on one dvd:

    DVD2oneX2 compresses your videos to burn on one DVD and you can actually see in advance the percentages of quality you might lose with compressing... It works like a charm and really fast as well!

    Just one last note:
    You can erase the MOI files without any impact on reading the MOD files! They are only used as said above for additional info like time and date of video files which are also shown in properties with right-mouse-click
    If you look carefully to the amount of space they use it is the same for each MOI file (about 32KB)! MOD files are all different in size (much larger always), depending on the amount of minutes you filmed so those are the files you really really need!
    2008-08-03 02:30:24
    MAC user use "StreamClip" software....

    Choose Demux to unscaled M2V and Aiff...

    If you have multiple file, use the Batch List

    Apparently the m2v produced has the sound in the file so trash the aiff file....

    then you can edit your footage in Final Cut with no lost in quality. or play it in quicktime
    2008-08-18 02:38:57
    If anyone is having trouble with losing the is recorded in Dolby Digital 2.0. So you need to use a program that can handle DD when you are converting or editing your movies. I use PowerDirector, no problems at all. Sony Vegas also works fine.
    2008-08-20 21:30:26
    Great discussion ladies & gents. All I can add is that for Vista OS users if you navigate to the folder where you saved all your MOV/MOI files and type in the search bar *.MOI you will get all the MOI files listed in the left Column, the next column lists the dates when they were shot. You won't need a reader to tell you this info as the OS does it all for you.

    Normally I do the above just so as I can delete the MOI files because I really have little need for them, they clutter the folder and make scrolling to find the clip you want take longer.

    I suppose if you're really interested in the dates for prosperity you could create yourself a text file with this data and just print it off or save it somewhere for later reference. Me personally, I just don't have time for that. Can't help MAC users one iota, but I understand it's a relevant point of choice - my friends that have them love them to bits.
    2008-08-26 20:39:06
    Has anyone had any luck with getting the sound to work on the downloaded videos from JVC Everio HDD? I'm having problems and no matter what I try the volume does not work
    2008-08-27 11:34:08
    This took me way too long to figure out, so I figured maybe I could spare you the time. Download Mpeg Stream Clip- This is free software that will allow you to convert those pesky MOD files (apparently they contain the audio, it just needs to be converted into a different format) into Mpeg4s or other formats that editing software will recognize. Trust me!- Mpeg Streamcliip!
    2008-08-29 18:36:41
    Has anyone had any luck with getting the sound to work on the downloaded videos from JVC Everio HDD? I'm having problems and no matter what I try the volume does not work.
    I can view the movies after changing the ext to mpeg but no SOUND.Please help
    2008-08-30 08:51:03
    I have the same problem with my jvc everio and it gets aggervating. The only way i can veiw my videos is through windows movie maker. my computer won't even recongize my camera as a plug-n-play device, any suggestions?
    2008-08-30 11:11:21
    I trying to switch my moi and mod files into avi or quicktime. How can I do this?
    2008-09-01 12:57:42
    I am a Mac user too and VisualHub saved the day!!!! thanks for the tip.
    2008-09-02 16:38:45

    I'm still having trouble converting my MOI files into AVI or quicktime. What program do I need to download in order to make this happen? I'm working with windows xp service pack #2.

    2008-10-01 15:14:08
    Victor is absolutely correct. Think of the comcorder as an external hard drive or mem stick. I have yet to find any problem transfering movies from this JVC to my comp, and it is as easy as drag-n-drop can be. As for what to use in playing these files, I find that Media player just all arounds stinks, and choose to use my Nero player. video is great, as well as the sound. When it comes to converting the files to another format, there is only one format I find worth using and that is mpeg4. 9 times out of 10 if you have Nero, it will convert the files just fine. Hope I was of help to you all and keep enjoying your JVC HDD devices.
    2008-10-08 08:29:06

    I found TWO FIXES, and they were sitting right under my nose! FIRST--Media Player classic (unicode build) Ver. I drug the mov file into this icon on my desktop and it IMMEDIATELY PLAYED--PERFECTLY-- SOUND AND ALL!! Can't remember if I paid for this proggy, or if it was free. Scroogle[dot org] it and see. Hey, if you just wanna see your footage...this works!

    The other FIX is this (and I paid for it because I was at wits end!) Movavi Video Converter 5.6 "Convert video, rip DVD, save to iPod, PSP, Zune, PDA and cellphone." It has a dropdown for 15 formats, then the last one is "more formats and settings" wow! This was $29.95! is the link to find it. No I dont work for them! LOL I know EXACTLY what you are going hell! Not fun! When something works, I share!
    mplayerc.exe and mplayerc.ini are the 2 apps/config settings I have in my folder.

    GET THIS---I literally drug the mov file to this already-opened program, selected a dropdown to convert it to MPEG4, hit the Convert button and it did its thing! I was also able to watch the video immediately once I drug it into the window...and it was just like I had videoed it. This is an amazing proggy! Saved my a** big time last year!

    I have a PC...not a Mac. I think the Mac problem with mov has been solved above by Nikki and dont ask me abut macs! I love em, but cant get one right now. sorry
    2008-10-11 01:28:36
    Hi Everyone. I use mac and i bought QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X which has a component that allows you to open any files from the everio, which i also use, and cpnvert to many other file formats. its $29 from mac store and solves all the probs!
    I use the free download -mpeg streamclip to open the files also.
    Hope this helps.
    2008-10-31 07:12:42
    After copying movies from my JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder I cannot get the sound to play. PLEASE HELP!!
    The sound plays fine when I am watching the movie on my PC under "Playback on PC" from the video camera menu, but no sound after copying the files.
    2008-11-11 01:00:02
    hey guys, im tryong to edit an english assignment which was filmed on a JVC everio camcorder, i cant seem to use windows movie maker to edit it as the files are in MOI, any ideas on how to convert them to another file type like WMV or AVI??
    2008-11-20 16:46:08
    I want to use windows movie maker to edit JVC .mov clips into a movie but windows movie maker can not see the files. How do I convert them to .wmv files?
    2008-11-25 02:37:17
    I have a JVC Hard drive camcorder. The files transfer to my computer as MOI files. They play in media player but have no sound.

    I have tried to convert to MPG files but it doesn't seem to make any difference. They still won't open in Windows media player with sound.
    I appreciate any help!
    2008-11-26 06:25:28
    Someone has given me a disc with my wedding pics on it, but it is a .MOI file and I cannot get any program to open it - How do I get around this?