.MODD File Extension

Sony Video Information/Summary File

Data File
This file is used to store information on video taken with various Sony Camcorder models. This file is reported to accompany a .m2ts file (See links section below).

The mysterious .MODD file appears to contain information regarding dates and time-lines related to your recording. Attempts to delete these files in order to improve video archiving have resulted in loss of time-line data and some claim to have experienced a loss of audio data.

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2010-01-22 04:24:41
That's right! They shouldn't release such terrible time-wasting software if they don't even try to provide quick and reliable customer-support. This forum gives more answers than Sony.

Class action suit is the only answer, just like iBook users did to Apple back around 2002. Just the threat of a class action lawsuit got Apple to turn around and treat their abused customers with respect.
2010-03-08 07:45:20
PMB is worthless...nothing should be this hard. I'm well-seasoned with computers and have spent a week of my time trying to get a file out and into an editing program. I have a Mac with iMovie, a PC with XP and a PC with Vista.

I have downloaded numerous codecs online and conversion programs...all have something that doesn't work.

I'm ready to chuck this camera and get something that records in a different format.
2010-04-10 09:30:25
VLC Video Player has no problems playing these files.
2010-05-28 11:12:23
I have looked at the previous thread here and unfortunately have not found a solution to the problem. I have used 2 sep Sony Handycams to video. The 2nd one is newer and therefore I updated the disk - which according to Sony is completely acceptable. However, all of the videos from the previous camera are now impossible to open. I phoned Sony and emailed them twice - they say it's not their problem!

I have downloaded the AVS program mentioned above but it cannot deal with .modd or .moff files. I have tried several other converter programs - again with no success. They can cope with .mod not .modd.

These videos relate to my PhD studies and for obvious reasons I would really like to get them back. And yes, I did do back ups - but the videos are not accessible on all computerised versions.

Anyone with any suggestions, please?
2010-06-23 13:52:48
I am normally a pasive reader of forums, but I will try to help:
I have found a solution by updating PMB; I had version 2 and on Menu/help/messages, it told me that there was an update (v5.2).

It lead me to a sony page where I had to download a "download manager". Then It gave me the real link to update. V5.2 of PMB permits converting to MPEG-2 or WMV quite easy.

Hope it helps.
2010-08-01 15:49:21
If PMB can covert to AVI and other vid format, use it. If it can't, I am trialling divX to do conversions. It's a slow process even with 4GB mem, 3ghz 4 core CPU.

If you burn the native Sony HD format to DVD, you WILL get the DVD failing to burn/eject. HD is only for blue-ray and the Sony HD file format can only be burnt to Blue-Ray disks.

I'll let you know how my 1st attempt goes using DivX
2010-12-11 14:27:31
suddenly have problem with a message window popping up onto screen when trying to import from my Sony Handycam DCR-SR42E Message: on HDD Handycam Utility reads: 'Unable to retrieve management information.' Once I click OK the window escapes, I can thus not click on 'Media File Import' where it always used to be without ever giving a problem. Now it is stuck on 'Easy PC Back-up?' Cannot get to it to change it! The camcorder does connect to my PC. I wonder if there is a problem with .modd file and what do I do? I do not know much about codecs. I have the codecs for XP and K-lite full pack. Thank you
2011-04-13 16:11:18
I download my videos from Sony cam to pmb. Now it says drive is full, but when i transfer data from c drive to d, and try to erase from c, it erases from everywhere what am i doing wrong? Also won't let me burn dvds, very frustrated not a computer person.
2011-04-29 12:12:06
I copied my original videos with the same file name and format from my Sony DCR-SR42E onto my PC hard drive because I had run out of space and then deleted them from the camcorder. When I copy them back onto the camcorder, they don't appear in the library but are clearly on the hard drive. Thanks for the help.
2011-06-29 03:31:27
I recently purchased the latest Sony Handycam DCR-SX85 (great videos for the price). I've experienced zero problems using PMB or Windows Media Player. With the MODD & MOFF files in tact, I can burn to a DVD and watch the shots seamlessly. Being the "smart guy" that I am, I deleted the MODD and MOFF files in later shots so that I could burn more video onto the DVD's. As a result, I can only play shot by shot not one seamless movie.Is there a way that I can reassociate or recreate MODD and MOFF with my MPG files?
2012-05-08 14:34:41
after i backed up files and restored them, all the video files now have the modd/moff ext, no mpg. How can I convert these to mpgs or be able to watch them again. I have PMB but cant read any of the files. Help!