.FBW File Extension

HP Backup File

Backup File
The .FBW file format is used by the HP system recovery backup utility to create backups of user data.

Once the backup is complete, your selected data is stored within the .FBW files and should now be accompanied by an executable file (.exe) which is ran to activate the restore process.

The .FBW file name structure is normally '', where xxx is the sequence number of the backup file.

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2010-01-06 22:46:47
My HP laptop was giving problems so I backed up my files on an external drive - then I did a recovery to manufactured settings.

When I tried to restore my files back onto my laptop there was an ERROR! I have two files named backup#1.1.exe and backup#1.2.fbw. Help!
2010-01-14 10:56:11
im new to all this and wouldn't recommend HP computers to anyone just save your cash....

my sis had a HP laptop which was running windows vista and it i couldn't get it to start up, I'm fairly advanced with computers but it was just about to go out the window

i finally decided to use the HP back up software which is why you are all here and it backed up OK

i rebooted the computer back to original configuration
(brand new)

the backup files i had came in 13 files the first file was the exe which is .fbw 001 the next is 002 and so on

when you get to fbw 010 if you have this many(depends on the size of what you backed up) fbw 010 and above has to be renamed so it will be 0010,0011,0012 and so on

seems mad but its the only way I've tried

restart the computer and hold f8 when you get the option start the computer in safe mode,once safe mode loads right click and run as administrator the main backup exe fbw 001

once this starts it will create a folder on the main drive usually the (c) drive called system restore

if for any reason it fails make sure you delete the system resore folder and try again or it wont work

if all the files are successfully restored to the system restore folder it has worked

the files in the system restore folder cannot be directly accessed the have to be copied in to another folder anyone you choose and then you can access them

once you are satisfied that you have all the files back delete the system restore folder and your done
2010-01-17 17:09:05
It took my backup disc 1 and 3 but it won't take #2 and gives "wrong volume" and then shuts down the program. How can I complete the backup of my files?
2010-01-25 05:02:23
Hi, I have seen the same issue posted but no-one seemed to have an answer for it, here are the facts:

- Backup on an external hard drive
- Have the exe file and back up file
- When running the exe file it says enter disk

I don't have a disk and a disk does not exist to put a 49GB file on it. Did anyone manage to get past this issue? Any help appreciated.

I have tried all solutions mentioned in this thread but there's nothing answering the insert CD question.
Harry Miller
2010-01-25 14:55:42
I got it going myself, I had my backup files saved on an external hard-drive - go to where the backup files are stored on the external hard-drive and copy the main folder onto the desktop REMEMBER TO 'COPY' THEM, may take a wee while - once this is done restart the computer into safe mode by pressing f8 when it starts and choose safe mode. Once the desktop loads go into the backup files that you copied and right click and run as administrator, it should ask which files you want to restore and they will automatically be saved onto the C: drive in a folder called system restore.
Louise T
2010-01-30 17:44:41
I put my backups on CDs. I have Windows Vista Home Premium. Do they have to be on DVDs?

Also, I cannot find any "Backup.exe". Can I rerun something to create this?
Harry Miller
2010-02-15 05:14:34
The exe should be the first file - if you do not have this then you cannot create another (but you should have one).
2010-02-28 02:09:28
Go to your C: Drive open the "System Recovery" folder and delete any files (logs). Now run your backup.1.exe which calls the .fwb file. It Works!
2010-03-24 18:01:17
Hey, had the same problem for months on end, tried this site and others. Found a xp pc as mine is Vista Premium and plunged the usb into the xp one and without even prompting it loaded every file on my xp system. Hope this helps
2010-03-31 12:42:59
I did a system recovery and tried to open the FBW files. Now my CD drive will not burn (HP says it is a "mechanical failure"). It does play however, which they said means the driver is okay.
2010-03-31 22:50:46
insert the disk you've created into your computer and open the file from the computer section under E disk drives. click the backupexec.1 picture to restore your files back onto your c: drive location of your computer and wait or follow the prompts to insert the other discs. after this is completed. remove the disc. next open the start menu option on your screens lower left and type into the search box there system recovery files and click its icon when it appears there. what appears now will be the restored file,this is the file you stored on the backup disc. it is here in this part of your hd... you can drag it from there and rename it also. it contains all the data files you had before, visible and accessible to you. cheers
2010-07-11 18:41:49
I had to restore my computer to factory after a service upgrade wouldn't work. I put everything on a usb drive. It will not open up the files now. I'm guessing I need a driver installed? I see all kinds of things having to do with Vista. Any help out there?
2010-08-02 14:04:16
It is quite challenging. I had to copy the backup file from the folders and and paste on the external drive directly. I think the proceeding folder is hindering windows from reading the backup.001 (application) to run.
2010-08-10 15:53:51
I am having the same problem here. Maybe it was answered already, but I can't see that I have any "exe" files. Just Backup 1 and 2. Backup 1, which shows a application file, and Backup 2, which is the fbw file, with 4,194,304 KB of information.

I try to open it, and it tells me it can't open fbw files, and then sends me to a search engine page.

Any help on this would be appreciated. This has been a 2 week problem, and the HP help desk is a joke.
ritesh raithatha
2010-09-29 01:57:40

I am having the same problem as everyone; My HP DV6000 crashed and somehow i was able to create the backup files by going. I have now two files one .exe and one 4 GB of .fbw file.... I have tried using recovery tool but whenever i use it gave me Microsoft Visual C++ error and contact system administrator for this. When i made the backup it asked me which type of files i need to choose so i choose all the file check box (such as picture, videos, etc).....

As my recovery tool did not work i have tried the alternate solution extracting files using Emergency tool 1.0.03 where file name does not come what was there but totally weird names. Somehow i got few idea and found out image files with .jpeg but when i check those there are only few got extracted hardly 30-40% of total pictures. Does that mean i have lost all my other pictures??? As when Backup was generating i did check that it was taking pictures from all the folders where i have stored but now not able to extract it..... Could you please provide some inputs to that...

Also, There are around 50-60 video files i could not locate.... I found one folder says unknown in which there are around 209 *.aaf files, When i searched online they says that *.aaf files are advance video formatting file. Does any one know how to view that video files as i do not see any software available to play *.aaf files.
2010-12-07 14:11:23
Go to C:"system recovery" & delete any files in that folder. Run backup.1.exe. It will probably ask for your last recovery disk. Put it in and it will scan. Then it will call for your first recovery disk. At this point it will appear that the software is frozen but it's actually working in the background. Go for a walk for 1/2 hr or so and when you come back you will see that the files are beginning to restore.
2010-12-12 17:57:48
Several people are writing about renaming the files to include an extra 0 or two. I usually rename files by right-clicking on them. But with these .fbw files, I do not get the "rename" option. The files are on DVDs and properties says they are "read only." So how can I change the file names?
2011-08-08 23:20:03
My backup0001.exe file restorewiz, which looks like an application file is empty. Everytime I get to the screen to input my first .fbw dvd it comes up with the error backup0001.exe has stopped working. I feel like it's a problem with the .exe file not the .fbw. Any suggestions? VERY frustrating!