.FBW File Extension

HP Backup File

Backup File
The .FBW file format is used by the HP system recovery backup utility to create backups of user data.

Once the backup is complete, your selected data is stored within the .FBW files and should now be accompanied by an executable file (.exe) which is ran to activate the restore process.

The .FBW file name structure is normally '', where xxx is the sequence number of the backup file.

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2007-12-04 14:57:24
anyone know how to restore these files?
2007-12-28 03:02:46
My back up data is in my external hard disk and it is in FBW format how can i restore my files
2008-01-23 06:58:16
My backup is in external hard-disk and it is in fbw format how can i restore my files
2008-01-28 08:57:52
My back-up files are stored on two DVDs. I installed them back to my computer, but I can not open the files because they are in the fbw format. In fact, I can see each file when I open the folder, but the computer can not open them.
Steve Faderin
2008-02-10 05:08:20
My back-up files are stored on 2 DVD's, the 1st one opened and extracted but I got stuck on the second DVD and now I can't open it. Appreciate any advice

Jan Jarva
2008-06-13 14:07:01
My backup files are with .fbw extension, but I can't open them at all. How can I open them?
2008-06-27 07:10:07
If you are able to access a computer with XP you can open the files on the desktop and burn to a disk. HP Softhinks recovery program sucks. Also try changing the name of the extension for any disks beginning at disk number 10, for example,10.fbw should be renamed 0010.fbw, 11.fbw changed to 0011.fbw, etc...

This should be done if you try to recover files using the same computer. Make sure to run computer in safe mode to avoid program hanging up. Hope this helps.
2008-06-28 09:36:58
My back up data is in my external hard disk and it is in FBW format how can i restore my files
2008-06-29 09:18:05
It is my understanding that your backup must be on a DVD if you are using Vista on a HP computer with Softhinks recovery program. If you can backup again do but use DvD.
2008-07-02 13:07:22
somebody please tell me how to recover the backup files
the file names are backup.1.exe and backup.2.fbw; When i open the first one nothing happens

help please!!!
2008-07-08 00:14:31
I was able to restore mine from the hard disk, however, I had to press CTL+ALT=DEL and saw that the program was waiting for my permission (but the window never popped up to the front for me). I clicked on the permission window in the Task Manager and then selected "Switch To" which brought the question window to the front. After I gave it permission, it worked fine.
2008-07-08 14:11:29
I had good success restoring my files from a external HD. Make sure you delete any "SYSTEM RECOVERY FILE" Folders on the desktop and c:drive. Then reboot into safemode hitting F8 at startup. Then you can click on the backup.001.fbw to start the process. Be patient it takes a while!
Good Luck
2008-07-21 21:53:25
I want to open my .fbw files. Can anyone help me?
2008-08-20 12:18:16
I have had no luck with opening .fbw files after several online chats with HP. If anyone knows of any other solutions, please advise.
2008-08-25 21:55:52
To OPEN these files!!!!

its lists them in order
when it gets to double digits you have to manually add a zero in front of them so there's 2 0's in front of each file

change 010 to 0010... 011 to 0011 etc.. goodluck !!
2008-08-27 10:45:13
What program is used to open fbw files in the first place?
2008-10-17 11:29:19
There should be an application file with the backup file. In my case I backed it up to another Hard drive. When I booted into windows after the recovery process I went into the other hard drive then into the backup folder and ran the application that was named the same as my back up.
2008-10-26 21:14:23
When it happened to me I was able to see the files by clicking the desktop icon for system recovery then the file marked "C" then I clicked "users" then my primary account user name. There I found my photo and video files. I tried to open them but was unable to. So I copied every single photo and video file to a dvd in my dvd drive. When the disk was done I removed it closed the recovery file and then put the dvd back in.Then I was able to transfer the files back to my computer and they opened, took hours but I now have the pictures and videos of my 4 year old grandson who passed away in September. I will never buy another HP computer.
2008-10-28 12:10:22
Read on HP's website and it says to put the disk in and out until it see it, IT WORKS!!! That is how I got mine to take after a day of reading.
2008-11-19 23:39:55
My Laptop crashed and I have made a Backup of my files using the Backup program on Windows Vista Premium Edition and placed them on an external hard drive.

The program said I was to put the backup on the external hard drive. I now have a file backup.1.exe which I am having trouble to open up and restore the files. I have only one file, I do not have backup.2.fbw; on the external hard drive.

After completing reloading Vista Recovery disks & operating system I started the back up but then cancelled it. I am trying to run the backup.1.exe again and it's not working.

Can anyone help me out there
Ron Bell
2008-12-01 18:52:24
the story so far...

What i have found is that the executable file will not run if the system restore directory exists in the root directory, delete that and it runs.. However I am getting another "runtime" error.

Stay tuned...

Ron Bell
2008-12-03 16:48:01
somebody please tell me how to recover the backup files?
the file names are backup.1.exe and backup.2.fbw; When i open the first one give me an error. What file i must rename and copy to dvd?

help me please!!!
2008-12-18 09:41:52
My backup.1.exe starts, but after it asks for the files to recover (pictures, music, etc.) it crashes. I've tried several times with no result. Any suggestions? I have EVERYTHING in this backup. Please help!!!
2008-12-30 09:08:09
I have taken backup on ext HDD, of my computer data, but now I am not able to restore the same on my laptop. How can I do the same?
2009-01-02 19:51:04
If you have a problem before the back up is finished and you can't open the files, you have to delete the recovery file and start again. You will now be able to open the file once again. Once the first recovery disk goes through, the rest will automatically run on their own, asking you to change disks by number.
2009-01-04 07:00:19
Soon after I start running the backup folder I get an error message & the whole process stops.How can I solve the problem?
2009-01-13 10:28:18
My recovery files are in a mobile hard disk and in FBW format. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve them?
2009-01-22 09:15:21
My recovery files are in a external hard disk and in FBW format. I can't get my HP computer working, but I need some of the file in the back-up. Can I use another computer running vista OS to recover the files and how?
Judy Saurer
2009-02-28 11:34:42
I have also made 11 recovery disks, and cannot open them. The first one doesn't seem to have anything on it. I see people discussing the .exe file. I can't find that anywhere. Is there somewhere I can get one, or is each one unique?
2009-03-01 08:42:47
Ok, I read where the system restore needed to be deleted in the root, do it, it works. I didn't need to add 0's or anything else. Tried for hours with the 0 thing. Good Luck and don't get stressed!
2009-03-02 15:16:31
jadbo can you please explain in easy steps?
2009-03-05 19:50:50
I also had the same problem on my HP laptop with Vista. I was going MAD until I found the solution: I WASN'T BEING PATIENT ENOUGH!

Prior to doing a system recovery I backed up my files on an external hard-drive and it was stored in 7 different files FBW format going from 001 to 007. 001 was the application. At first I'd doubled click on 001 and it would freeze and after a couple of minutes I'd used the task manager to finish getting nowhere.

Then I thought to give time and sure enough after maybe 5 or 10 minutes of being frozen it would take me to the next step and so on.

It stored all the files to the SYSTEM RECOVERY FILES found when double clicking on the LOCAL DISK (C) icon. From there I needed to send them to the location where they were supposed to be. Hope this can help.
2009-04-05 17:44:36
I had this problem. I think what happens is a directory is created that acts as a semaphore to indicate that the program has been restored.

If you rename the directory C:System Recovery Files (or delete it I suppose) that should allow you to reinstall.
2009-04-23 14:27:38
Hey guys...I'm a certified HP Technician and it is indeed possible to restore those backup files without placing them on CD or even going into safe mode.

Just simply run the the first file normally labelled "Backup#1.1" or something close to that. This file is indeed an application (the backup restoration application).

Once this is executed all is pick the files you want to recover and the destination or you can let the software restore them to their original locations. It's that simple.

NB. BOTH "Backup#1.1" and "Backup#1.2.fbw" FILES MUST BE IN THE SAME FOLDER
2009-05-01 23:05:59
Go to your C: Drive open the "System Recovery" folder and delete any files (logs). now run run your backup.1.exe which calls the .fwb file. It Works!
2009-05-08 10:48:38
The issue I get is that the Visual C ++ runtime has an error, specifically with MSCVR71.DLL.

I've attempted several dozen times, renaming to the .xxx. format, deleting the system recovery folder in between each attempt, from the C drive, from an external hard drive, on a XP SP2 machine, choosing only one type of file, etc, etc, etc. I've been working at this for over a month.

I've had calls into HP, but, as everyone else knows, they are pretty useless. I've been on this for over a month and have read all the wonderful stories from the hundreds of other users affected by this.

I'm happy to hear the ones who were successful but still would like to get my files back. Bring back DOS!!!
2009-05-17 23:24:34
I am having the same problem but finally I found the tool I can do something:

with this tool I can now see the data - at least!

You can read more detail on following site:

Hope this helps.
Ron Holt
2009-05-29 12:14:06

Using several of the postings here, I was able to piece together a solution. After 6 days of failed attempts and Hewlett Packard paid help, your combined solutions presented here resolved my problem.

My wife's computer is a Hewlett Packard running Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit). Like all computers, in time it started to crash a bit and lockup. Decided it was time to wipe the hard drive and reinstall. During the reinstall, a pop up asked if I wanted to backup and save all personal data and so I clicked yes. The HP Recovery Manager copied the 95 gigabites to an external hard drive.

After wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the operating software, I then went to reinstall the personal data from the backup only to find that the computer could see the backup on the external hard drive but could do nothing with it. When attempting the "windows" backup utility to restore, it would not see the data either.

When trying the HP Recovery Manager to restore the personal data, it could not see the backup files either.

Contacted a Windows technician at Microsoft and after he remotely operated my computer, he informed me that the backup files were of an ".FBW" file extension. This type of extension was a HP proprietary file extension and so we would have to contact HP for help.

When I contacted HP, their technician had no idea what to do and thats when I looked up .FBW file extension and came across this site.

I found that we had 28 .fbw files to restore and indeed we had to change the name of the double digit files to include a "00" before the files 10 through 28.

Also found that you had to look in the "C" drive first and rename any "Recovery File". I used "RF" instead of Recovery File.

Once that was done I restarted windows and hit "F8" many times until windows came up in "Safe Mode." Once there I opened "My Computer" and selected the external hard drive where the backup files were and opened the first file. Then the Recovery Manager window opened and I was able to select my files and begin the recovery.
2009-06-28 19:05:52
Well I give up. I have tried everything you all said. My problem is when I click on the exe file, it finally comes up and then asks me to put in the last cd. I have them on my external hard drive. I have even put them on the computer, and it still asks for it.

So here is my question, how do I put them on some DVDs?
2009-07-01 07:31:04
I am also having the same problem.

I have tried to run the backup.1.exe file from both normal and safe mode. I have deleted the recovery folder on the root of the C: drive, I have not tried renaming the files because I do not have any files that have a double digit in the name.

Each time I run the application file (backup.1.exe) it loads the HP recovery manager, acts like its working on recovering, then gives me a but fat "RUNTIME ERROR"


"Runtime Error!
Program: F:Backup.1.exe
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
2009-08-02 23:15:48
Ok so I got the exe file to boot, it brings up the HP recovery window, and now it says I need to insert the last disc to continue? I'm using an external HDD and have no disc to insert. Help?
Peter Evans
2009-08-07 02:08:57
Using the emergency recovery tool posted by hotkaz, I was able to analyse the archive, and use the emergency extract tool to recover my data. Long winded, but it does work!
Major Anik Bin Ashraf
2009-08-17 08:14:51
I also faced trouble restoring my files after my laptop OS crashed. Thanks to all of you, who's valuable suggestions helped me to recover my data. One more piece of advice:

Once your data is backed up in the form of .fbw file and you are done with the data restoration process, you may not be able to read that recovered data until you get it out of SYSTEM RECOVERY FILES folder. Just copy and paste it outside the folder to use that file.
2009-11-14 14:23:37
Solution to restore backup!

I backed up my data in external hard drive, only to know later that i was unable to restore data. Here's the solution which some of members shared and it worked for me.

step 1) Rename the files starting from count 10 by adding a extra zero.. Example Backup.010.fbw is renamed as Backup.0010 , Backup.011.fbw is renamed as Backup.0011.fbw and so on...
Step2) go the C drive and delete any previously created folder "c:System Recovery files" . this folder is created when ever we try to recover files.

Step3) click on the Backup.001 file . It will take a while for the system to ask for permission to continue. give permission, now the hp recovery wizard opens. click on Next. It will ask which all files types you want recover. Select all type to recover all files. And here we go we have all the restored data.
Jesus Munoz
2009-11-17 22:05:14
I was able to restore all my back up FBW files. I had the back up files in my second hard drive, (note I tried to restore from my second hard drive and it didn't work) So I copy the MINWINPC FOLDER to the C drive, then I added one zero from backup .010 to backup .033. (I HAVE 33 BACKUP FILES) After that I booted in safe mode, then after I double click backup.001 the Restore manager opens I chek the file I wanted to restore and I did it. "this is very important", make sure the :C: hard drive has plenty of free space.
2009-11-22 07:44:26
I've got a HP Pavillion dv9700 PC and recently I was having problems with the hard drive.

I decided to perform a system recovery to try and see if that would resolve the problem and whilst doing so, the recovery manager prompted me to back up my files onto an external hard drive.

I backed up my files onto an external hard drive but when I tried to restore the files I couldn't. I've tried several ways to actually restore the files but this did not help at all.

All I'm getting is 2 files, one named backup.1 and the other backup.2 The backup.1 is supposedly the (.exe) which is supposed to activate the restore process but every time I click on it, nothing happens at all.

Can anyone help?
2009-12-02 17:46:40
I tried restoring my data from backup by clicking the backup.exe file then I get a message "Please insert last disk to continue"
Can anyone help me out regarding this problem.
2009-12-11 08:54:14
HP Backup file restoration is like many have said here and you have to transfer the files as are to the c drive.

Once you've double clicked the 1st backup file (which is the exe or application) you have to wait forever for it to kick up and start, JUST WAIT, but you have to have enough c drive space to do all this.

If your backup was largely successful you have almost a whole computer's worth of files here and you cannot cram them into a newly installed computer's worth that is using up all your disk space now!

MAYBE just maybe for some of you...the files you want are in the C: drive even after the fresh reinstall under Windows.old folder. In this folder check within your old user name etc and keep clicking until you might see some of your old stuff in perfect preservation.

NOW problem is having to use them all without the disks from the old programs to reinstall them. Like Microsoft Office! GONE with the reinstall and also not on disk for me!

Also because of this and the HP Recovery drive (D: and do not remove delete this!) using space you may run into problems restoring backup files from either a set of disks or from a hard-drive because there isn't enough space on your computer.

Sort your stuff and now manually back up your windows.old files to an external drive then delete that from your fresh C drive to create space to do the backup file restoration you were trying to do.

Then determine what of that backup was the files you wanted to save as there will be much on here you may throw out anyway.

Then determine what is duplicated on the new backup (windows.old) you created and do some "house" cleaning!

KEEP the backups on the external drives but restore to your computer what you'd like keeping it less cluttered!
2009-12-16 22:40:25
to freedom, try restoring your HP to factory setting again then execute the backup.
2010-01-06 06:58:45
I just suffered a major crash because of a hardware problem (memory) and lost everything. I had to do the HP recovery disk option which included the backup on DVDs.

After restoring the pc to original factory specs I put in the back up disks and double clicked on the exe file. The restore program began running. It said that it would restore everything including emails, etc. It lied! I lost all my emails and email addresses.
But, the key is patience.

First, it will ask to put in the last DVD. Shortly it will have you put in the first DVD again. Then WAIT - it takes forever! But it does replace your 'files' only. It puts them into a folder called System Restore. From there you can copy/cut and paste to where you want them but you will have to load all the programs you have before because the backup has NO software or data from them backed up only files.

Question. I did a system backup a month ago on 15 DVDs, will this give me my emails, etc?