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Nokia Theme Studio File

Miscellaneous File
These files are created by the Nokia Theme Studio application, which is used to create themes for your Nokia cell/mobile phone.

A mobile phone theme is a special file which may include pictures, images, icons and ring-tones enabling you to personalise the look of your phone.

NTH files are used for phones based on the S40 (series 40) platform, phones which utilise this platform include: Nokia 6230i, 6300, 6125, etc.

NTH themes can be downloaded to your PC via the internet, which then need to be transferred to your phone, this can be done using blue-tooth or by transferring the file into your phones memory using a USB card reader or USB data cable. (Use your computers file-browsing software to drag it across as if to any other form of data storage i.e. another hard-drive).

Once the theme has been transferred into your phone simply select it from the gallery and apply.

* You do not need to open NTH files on your PC (just transfer to any phone which supports the format as shown above).

** NTH files may be downloaded in .ZIP format or similar - if this is the case unzip the file using WinZIP, WinRAR, etc. before following the steps listed above.

*** NTH files are not compatible with Nokia phones based on the S60 platform which use .SIS files.

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    2007-03-21 18:22:04
    How do I open an .NTH file so that i can put it on my mobile phone?
    chris...yet again
    2007-03-24 20:58:47
    Just need to know what program is needed to view this NTH file with...
    2007-09-24 08:31:01
    Hi, You just need to put it in the Theme folder of the your handphone, select it from the theme setting. Regards
    2007-09-24 08:37:10

    I finally found the download link to the Nokia software that allows you to create your own theme:

    This is for S40, there is another for S60. Search for 'Nokia theme studio' using Google
    2007-12-26 01:02:41
    You don't need to open a file unless you want to edit all the code used to make the theme. You simply put it on your phone via Nokia PC Suite and file manager or browser or if you have bluetooth on your computer send it to your phone. Your phone is where you select the .nth files.
    2007-12-29 17:27:46
    I have a problem installing an .nth theme to my Nokia 6680. I send it to my phone using bluetooth, then when i open it to my inbox its always says "unknown file". Whats the problem? Do i have to install any software before i can open it?
    2008-01-01 02:11:46
    My Nokia 3110 classic does not support .NTH files, so I am unable to download themes for my mobile - only .sis file are supported by my mobile. Anyone have a suggestion?
    2008-01-12 06:45:07
    .NTH is a normal zip archive, just rename, extract and edit xml file.
    2008-01-31 04:50:00
    How can I create my own theme for my mobile?
    2008-02-18 13:38:39
    How can i make my phone (Nokia 6085) support .sis files?
    2008-02-22 01:26:13
    As freex suggested, the .NTH files may easily be opened (and their contents extracted) with WinZip and WinRaR.
    Mahajan K K
    2008-02-29 00:05:46
    When I modify .nth files through WinRAR and save it in mobile, it doesn't work - why?
    2008-03-22 09:44:53
    Use Mobile media browser version 3.5.2, and you can use any mobile phone to upload or download any files into/from it.
    2008-03-31 01:02:12
    I want to create a theme of my pics. How would i do this? I am using a Nokia 6300.
    Blake Gripling
    2008-04-06 21:35:46
    OK, to answer swapnali's question, NTH files are essentially ZIP files with a different extension, much like Winamp skin files. Download an NTH theme for your phone, then rename it as a zip file. Open it, and replace the pictures with your own, making sure that they have the same name and image size as the originals. Compile the zip file, and rename it as nth, then load it into your phone...
    Charles Gibson
    2008-04-08 03:25:54
    Hi friends, use 7-Zip to open/extract the .NTH file.
    2008-05-01 23:06:34
    Anonymous, Freex, and Thanatos, you're all correct. The .nth format is a basic .ZIP file with another extension. Open it with Windows XP's "Compressed (Zipped) Folders" application, or use another program like WinZip, WinRAR, or WinAce.

    To make your own theme, follow Blake Gripling's instructions above (modify an existing theme, keeping the same filenames and image sizes). Then use Bluetooth or the IR port (my laptop has one, but not most PCs) to transfer it to/from the handset. Install the theme, and Robert's your father's brother.
    2008-06-23 02:39:05
    I think everyone has this problem. I downloaded an .nth format theme and i have problems downloading it to my s40 phone through PC suite. This is because the PC suite only accepts SIS formatted themes - so how do i get it on my phone? Can s40 phones open themes in sis format?
    2008-06-27 00:43:38
    To open nth file just rename it with .zip..

    like *.nth to *.zip
    Reply to Chris
    2008-08-07 01:31:32
    Hey just go to and select your type of phone and then follow the instructions. After that you download it and put it on your phone.
    2008-09-04 11:26:21

    Just get a cable to get the file to your mobile and then it works (make sure that your themes in your mobile is also nth files or else it wont work)
    2008-10-16 18:48:48
    I have a nokia 6300, and i can't install the themes in the phone, I have used the usb cable by transferring the theme direct into the phone memory or by the Nokia pc suite, in both cases the system don't let me install the themes in the phone, what can I do to install?
    2008-11-20 04:00:05
    Thank you so much:)
    2008-11-26 21:26:37
    Hey! I have a Nokia 6030 - don't laugh - it sucks. It's boring and I want new themes. I tried sending these so called "nth" files by e-mail, (attaching it and replying to a picture message from my phone)but that doesn't work. Any ideas?
    2008-11-28 16:01:19
    I have a Nokia 5310 s40 my themes are filed as .nth and I've used these themes before using my old memory card. I bought a new memory card today and I tried copying in the files from my pc to the phone and it kept saying:

    "the magenta_butterflies_theme.nth file type is not supported on this device. If it is a media file, you may be able to use windows media player to convert the file to playable type prior to transfer. Do you wish to skip this file now?" Then you either skip, skip all or cancel.

    How do i fix this? please help!
    2008-12-07 21:36:58
    To Edit existing theme with out theme studio, change the extension from .nth to .zip and edit the pictures and icons with image editors' and re-pack all to .zip file and change it back to .nth
    Note: don't change to .rar it's wont work after re-pack. don't zip a "Folder" select all file's in the folder and zip it.
    2008-12-12 07:02:31
    Just copy the nth file to memory card, then open it on your phone.
    2008-12-18 03:30:36
    .NTH files do not open on PCs. You can download them to your pc, but you can't view them unless you transfer them to your Nokia mobile.
    You can't create a Motorola theme because it doesn't support them. only Nokia does, and when you create a Nokia theme using any website, make sure you choose the brand of phone you actually use
    2008-12-29 18:16:01
    Can you change .thm files into .nth files?
    2009-02-23 02:11:07
    Firstly nth file was also not supported by my nokia 3110 but after my phone`s software update every format is well supported
    2009-04-03 01:32:01
    Oscar - If you've unable to install the themes in 6300 - first you install the Nokia PC suite then open your memory card and simply drag your theme from your desktop to your mobile - do not try to copy paste method it won't work there.
    raju singh
    2009-05-26 01:20:55
    Can I replace the resources i.e. pictures,backgrounds,tones,icons with my own ones?
    2009-08-12 14:03:21
    I have downloaded a Nokia 6230 theme but when I try to open it up its seems to be a lot of issues, even when I send it to my phone it says the file format not supported.
    2009-08-15 01:10:09
    Hey guys, just download it to your PC, even if your PC can't open it send it like that to your phone(via bluetooth). It will recognize the file. Yep, that's what I did to my Nokia 3110 classic and it worked!
    Subhendu Haldar
    2009-12-10 01:48:34
    I have a Nokia phone. The .sis file format is not supported by my phone - only .nth files. Is there any software to convert .sis to .nth?
    2010-02-14 22:51:09
    I have a problem installing an .nth theme to my Nokia E63. I send it to my phone using bluetooth, then when I open it to my inbox it always says "unknown file". What's the problem? Do I have to install any software before I can open it?
    2010-02-22 08:18:45
    What do I do after renaming .nth to .zip and modifying contents in that file? How to save that file to previous .nth extension?
    2010-03-14 10:57:06
    Does anyone know how I can delete - if they can be - ringtones from my 3110 classic so that I can add my own. I need the memory.
    2010-03-25 02:24:39
    I have .nth themes on my E65 and I cant open it. My phone only accepts .sis themes. Can I convert my .nth themes to .sis themes? How?
    2010-06-02 04:01:23
    I've downloaded some files with an .nth extension, but how do I open them? What programs/software open these kind of files? Do I just drag and drop it if I'm transferring it on my mobile phone, or does it have to be converted? Thanks!
    2010-06-05 03:08:21
    i have changed .nth to .zip but how can i convert .zip to .nth file
    can anyboby help me
    2010-09-12 01:44:56
    I have a Nokia phone. The .sis file format is not supported by my phone - only .nth files. Is there any software to convert .sis to .nth
    2011-04-05 07:55:23
    i have have nokia phone (C1-01) and has .nth file but when i download a .nth file and transfered it to my phone via bluetooth it always says "unable to open. file corrupted." can you tell me what should i do?
    2011-04-28 18:42:32
    I downloaded Nokia Theme Studio (now learnt that Carbide.ui would be the latest Nokia tool) to edit a theme. It worked great and I am proud of my very own theme now! I've also registered at Forum.Nokia now where there's lots of information about it.
    kaife roshan
    2011-05-24 06:44:18
    I have a Nokia e63 which only supports sis files, so what i want to do is support other files such as like thm, nth, jar, etc.
    2011-06-08 04:44:54
    I've applied the method of editing themes like what VINOD said. I've renamed .nth to .zip then I edited the pics and saved it with the same filename, but when I renamed it to .nth again it doesn't work. How will I fix it?
    2011-06-09 16:47:44
    @jajana & all
    I would really recommend you don't mess around with zip file and such issues, rather go to Nokia and get the carbide.ui tool suiting for your phone at
    I tried the old Theme studio software and it was quite easy to get into, at least for my purposes. I'm sure the carbide.ui is much better.
    You will need to register (free) but I think the fun is worth it.
    2012-03-02 01:04:41
    How do I format or convert my files not supported by Nokia C1-01? Especially music files and video files.