.SIS File Extension

Software Installation Script - Nokia/Sony Ericsson/ Motorola

Compressed File
The .SIS file format is used to store a collection of files in a single compressed installation file for installing applications on mobile/cell devices using the Symbian Operating System.

To install these files, you'll first need to ensure the .SIS file is located on your device which may require transferring the .SIS file to your device using the bundled software. Once the file is transferred, you'll need to locate the .SIS file and run the installer.

Many devices such as PDAs use the Symbian OS, as well as many makes of phone (Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc).

From Symbian OS version 9.1 - the .sisx file format is used.

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2011-03-22 17:52:17
can we convert a sis extension file into java extension