.M2TS File Extension

MPEG-2 Transport Stream File

Video File
The M2TS extension is used by files saved in the BDAV high definition Blu-ray format. M2TS are multimedia files based on the MPEG-2 Transport Stream container which is used for multiplexing video, audio and other streams. The Blu-ray Disc Audio Video (BDAV) file format supports resolutions of up to 1080i.

The BDAV container format is currently the industry standard for Blu-ray discs. M2TS files saved on a Blu-ray disc have a 5 digit number name (can be a date or timestamp) and are located in the STREAM sub-folder.

How to open M2TS files

M2TS files can be opened with a wide range of media players on all major operating systems but some applications may require a codec or plug-in to be installed first.

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2008-01-02 03:57:26
I have copied the .m2ts movie files from my friend Sony HD Camecorder into my Notebook. When I try to play this video, it is not workin. But I am having Sony HDD camecorder software in my notebook. I don't know how to play or convert this m2ts file into my system.
2008-01-04 14:05:28
exactly my issue too! and also the .modd files which are downloaded as well. it is a mess. I just want to move all the 27 gig of files from the camera to an external harddrive but with out losing anything. hard to have confidence when i cna't understand this..
2008-01-04 16:11:26
I appreciate the reply. But what to do with them? this is the HDR SR-1 the software includes as AVCHD reader and Picture Motion Browser which took over my whole picture library! etc... Do I just copy the sets of .mdd and .m2ts files to the external hard drive? then what? are they only playable through the camcorder to the tv? I guess this isn't yor area of aswering/expertise. I'm just so frustrated I'm spouting. thanks for your time
2008-01-13 06:37:17
You must instal AviSynth,XP-Codec-Pack,Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v7.2 ....I see m2ts files with bsplayer too and floods very well. By. Sory for my english.
2008-01-22 13:21:21
I have the same problems with the .m2ts file conversions. Are we in the dark ages, Sony?? Why is it so complicated to convert these extension??... we are in the age of shareware, not proprietary! Really regretting buying the Handycam because of the problems uploading unreadable .m2ts files on to our family website...
2008-02-04 20:09:23
has anyone had any luck saving these files to your external hard drive? also, has had the same success valter had with the Power DVD Ultra v7.2 ?

Valter, can you explain any success you've had with this? I'm just trying to back up my HD video and it's like designing a freakin rocket!

2008-02-06 04:49:18
Using Sony's supplied Picture Motion Browser software, you can import all your files directly onto your external HDD.

Then I use Nero 8's Nero Vision 5 to import the .m2ts, or .mpg files and create a standard-definition DVD, until I can afford either a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray burner and create high-def DVDs ...
2008-03-03 22:43:15
I copy my files from my sony handycam into my pc, the output files are in mpeg and not in m2ts, but I'd like to know how to open m2ts file on my pc, because I got some m2ts file on my pc. I am just wondering what plugin or program do I need to open up these file. or is it got work if I burn it into a dvd file.
2008-03-04 03:51:43
it seems that Konvertor can convert these m2ts to avi, mpeg and so on
2008-04-05 16:19:58
I just bought a Canon HG10 with its own hard drive. I also have a external hard drive that I want to down load to from the canon HG10. I bought a pinnacle video transfer. Can anyone help me solve my problem. How do I transfer from HG10 through pinnacle transfer to a 250 gig WD external hard drive. Thanks
Amanda Schreine
2008-05-01 08:16:41

I have a SONY handycam -- after a huge nightmare and being forced to download this software (the picture motion guide) - i can not do anything with these file extensions .m2ts. I need to edit these movies in ADOBE PREMIER, then export them as FLV's. Does anyone have any ideas how to work with these files, or make it so this camcorder just records out as AVI? that is what most camcorders do dont they!? Please let me know any info would be GREATLY appreciated!
2008-05-05 23:41:46
I have an HD sony camcorder and Ive got some answers

1st: you can play the HD videos by double clicking the icon of the downloaded video file in picture motion browser.

2nd:There is no simple free way to open or convert the .m2ts files in any program other than the software provided by sony

You cannot make it so that the camcorder outputs an AVI stream unfortunately, and so your stuck using the .m2ts files. You can download the .m2ts files into picture motion browser using the software that came with the camcorder, and from there your only option it to export it as a mpeg file that is 720x480. If you want to keep the native 1080i resolution, you have to buy other softwar like Nero 8 or if you have it use the new iMovie from iLife 08 if you have a mac. Either of these will let you play and edit the origional .m2ts files and will let you convert them to other formats that would be compatible with Adobe Premier. Unfortunately, the only free way to edit the HD files is very complicated and not even close to worth the hassle.

Hope this helps.

2008-05-16 12:45:30
Jeff is right. I am also stuck with the same problem, got a Sony HDR-SR8E and recorded many hours of HD content. I wanted to edit these video files which are MT2S extension actually, in Adobe Premiere CS3.

After a lot of research and exploring online material, I've reached to the following conclusions.

1. Adobe yet doesn't have any support to AVCHD (.M2TS) files. so we can't edit these files in Adobe Premiere directly.

2. M2TS files can be played using Power DVD 8 Ultra or NERO 8 ShowTime (A Part of Nero 8 Ultra Suite). You can also download HAALI MEDIA SPLITTER codec and run these files in Windows Media Player. VLC Player simply can't play 1080i M2TS files.

3. In order to convert these files to AVI (the most suitable format for editing), the best tool is ELECARD AV CHD to AVI TRANSCODER, which is not a free of cost solution. However, I checked the trial version of this software and the output AVI file produced was successfully imported in Adobe Premiere CS3.

4. The free solution, as mentioned by Jeff, is really a headache. We require VirtualDubMod, AVISynth and a DeInterlacing Plugin (Google for it, if you are interested, but this method is a damn, and the result is an EXTREMELY Heavy File; even for a recording time of merely 10 minutes).

5. The most simple solution is, use Motion Picture Browser utility that comes with the HandyCam to convert these HD videos to SD (MPEG2 DVD) files, save them on your hard disk, then use some other converter, like VirtualDubMod (its free) to convert these VOB files to AVI. This is the only viable solution, you can edit these files in Adobe Premiere CS3.

I'm gonna do the method 5.

And listen up guys, Adobe's partner, 'Main Concept' has released a plugin for Premiere CS3, that could enable it to edit AVCHD (M2TS) files. It costs USD500 roughly, so :(

Good Luck..
2008-05-20 07:48:43
"I just bought a Canon HG10 with its own hard drive. I also have a external hard drive that I want to down load to from the canon HG10. I bought a pinnacle video transfer. Can anyone help me solve my problem. How do I transfer from HG10 through pinnacle transfer to a 250 gig WD external hard drive. Thanks

No offence but RTFM. Did you read the manual? the HG10 comes with software that lets you copy all the M2TS files from your camera to the PC directly. It creates a file directory structure with all the movie clips from the camera. The directory structure naming convention is date/time. Then you can use other software supplied with the camera to view the video on your pc. The only real problem is using the supplied software to convert it to make a DVD which hangs on my pc.
2008-05-26 05:23:28
Denise & Amanda
I also got stuck with the m2ts files that I cannot open. Worry no more. I found out accidentally that Google's Picasa can open these files. It makes sharing and burning videos easy, either by regular CD or DVD.
The way it works is you highlight a group of movies and it can even be combined with pics. If you choose "Gift CD", it will also copy a Picasa install files so the recipient can open the files automatically in a sideshow. For the movie files, you have to open inside Picasa manually.
2008-06-02 03:13:27
I can't play my videos with my windows mediaplayer because it is a modd file...what can i do to play that movies?
2008-06-04 20:36:13
Easy to do is to convert .M2TS to MPEG2 HD 1440x1080 or 1920x1080 and then you can use MPEG2 with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 or Adobe Encore in this case you can backup the original shooting file{M2TS)to MPEG2 & have the same quality HD & then burn MPEG2 HD to DVD disk just for backup & delete M2TS from PC HD, also it's more easy to work with MPEG2 HD in AdoPrePro then M2TS..

The best program work just perfect for me is "TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress" easy to use & a lot future but you need to instal "Cyber Link PowerDVD 7 ver." also if you shooting audio is 5.1 Stereo you may need to install "AC3 Filter"
2008-06-21 04:10:28
i have a hdr sr5 with picture mot. brow. by sony. and a big problem. i can't play my videos with pmb because the video could not be analyzed . the message is that he cant read the video can it display this nonsense...
2008-06-22 21:40:10
And whats the good extension?? .M2TS? or .MTS?
2008-06-23 21:23:14
Adobe Update.. about AVCHD files..

This link provides almost all the possible solutions for making AVCHD files editable in Adobe Premiere CS 3.

Check it out..
2008-06-24 15:22:14
Here is some good news for windows users.

Can convert m2ts to any format supported by super. m2ts to mp4 is explained in the site, but you can select any output format in super. Did a 2 min m2ts video to dvd vob conversion on core2duo 1gb xp machine, took about 20 min. The output was very good.

hope it helps.
regards, Pavan
2008-06-24 21:20:11
I am using "TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress" for converting files .MTS to .Avi. everything is going good except that audio is not working. I also downloaded ac3filter but it's still not working for me. Any idea how I can hear audio in this as I find it as the easiest program to work with?
2008-06-25 10:52:35
hi Lime,
try this process. its simple and it was designed for mts files. you can convert it avi. AVISynth and Super do a super job.

nagesh dhuri
2008-07-02 01:07:30
I have copied the .m2ts movie files from my friend Sony HD Camecorder into my PC. When I try to play this video, it is not workin. But I am having Sony HDD camecorder software in my PC. I don't know how to play or convert this m2ts files into my system.

Please advise

Yours faithfully,
2008-07-02 09:57:20
Hi Nagesh,

Try this:

2008-07-10 14:37:09

.mt2s is the biggest mess of a extension I have dealt with. After a lot of searching the only thing that worked fluently was the Power DVD ultra. Even then,huge files(like my cousins wedding video) takes ages to load unless every other application is switched off.(Just letting you know,2.4Ghz intel duo2,4gb ram,512mb graphics laptop used). Copy paste the data simply to the external hard drive,BUT it will take even longer to load.

Worst part is trying to convert or edit these files. Even with the performance,and only running sony vegas 8 it will crash. Sony's answer to this problem---->NO ANSWER.

Sony has created a beautiful camcorder (SR11) but not enough or not enough info on what to do with the raw data etc. Sony having good customer service? Yeah right. Might as well talk to my cat.At least i get a confused cute look from him back.

Sony Laptop-Sony Camcorder-Blu Ray recorder-Sony TV---NO HELP AT ALL. Guys if you have any ideas on software which can actually handle it,LET ME KNOW PLEASE.

2008-07-10 21:55:13
I have been using TMPGenc Express 4.0 to make m2ts editable/playable by converting it to uncompressed AVI, MPEG2. The only problem is, you can't set the output framerate to 25 or even 30fps as it causes to the output to play at a sluggish playback speed i.e. slow motion playback. Set the FPS to 50 or 60 and then get the output, it'd be better.

In Premiere CS3, after installing plugin from MainConcept, I can now import .m2ts /.mts files. Premiere CS3 then easily converts this file to any format of your choice, with no extra setting to be made. Make it a 1080i MPEG2, H.264 HD, both are playable and pertain the quality, though filesize is increased. Using Premiere CS3 merely for conversion.. Funny.. ehhh?

Third major transcoder is ELECARD, equally good. It converts m2ts to PAL standard MPEG4 AVI files. Reduces quality somehow but the file becomes playable.
2008-07-21 21:51:27
Try out VoltaicHD. Its cheaper than other solutions and works easy as. Try the demo out. make it. They also have a thing called RevolverHD for outputting your edited files to blueray. Nice.
2008-07-29 16:48:06
Hi Peddu and Pavan,

This guide is really useful! I converted .m2ts files easily to .avi and .mp4 files with the tools you listed.

2008-07-29 18:16:57
Thanks David, one quick question. Was the video clarity retained when you converted from .m2ts to .avi or mp4 formats.
2008-07-31 22:54:34
Hi Arun,
Hard to say, but video quality can't be retained in any format other than HD ones.
2008-08-03 11:28:39
After struggling with TMPGenc Express 4.0 for a good week i was not impressed with the quality of the video.
so experimented and found a easy and a good way out
the best software for converting MTS files is Nero 8
I use Nero Vision for converting all the MTS files into the extension of my choice...i preferred mpg coz it let me convert them in the resolution of 1480*1088 and the final result was awesome.
put all the files in nerovision in the option of editing them and place all in the timeline position and then export them in the file extension of ur choice........BINGO
easy and fun
2008-08-06 19:41:21
I am a recent owner of a Sony SR-11 and 24" iMAC; my first camcorder and first Apple. I had uploaded movies from the camcorder to a Dell before purchasing the apple, and had deleted movies from the camcorder. I wanted to get the movies onto the Apple, but iMovie would not import from an external hard drive. I was successful in doing that by opening the movies in PMB and exporting "back" onto the camcorder; then connecting to apple and importing into iMovie, which would not import from a USB hard drive. The import is still underway so don't know any details.

I was surprised at how quickly PMB reloaded the movies onto the SR-11. Importing into iMovie is taking much longer by comparison; probably not comparable events.

2008-09-13 15:25:21
Hi guys

I have got a Sony HDR-SR10 and am having a great deal of problems with the .mts files from the camera. I am able to watch them on my PC, after downloading and installing various bits of software people are recommending (such as K-Lite, FFFShow, etc, etc.). However burning to a DVD, whilst retaining quality is proving almost impossible. Please note I was able to burn one disk but this did lose a lot of the quality and playback was jerky (see first bulleted point below).

I have tried (not in any order):

- TMPGEnc 4.0 Express, but cannot find the correct settings for PAL playback, despite a tutorial on Vimeo giving steps on creating files that do not lose quality (output is .m2t or something). The files for which when burning using Windows Movie Maker (Vista) and Nero 8 produces blank video (although sound can be heard);

- Ulead DVD Movie Factory, but this does not recognise AVCHD files;

- Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0, which suprisingly does not even see my .mts files when trying to import (other files such .avi and .mpg can be seen and selected. This I find really strange as this is Sony's own software from a Sony HD Handycam;

- NeroVision, tried this on several occasions but it does all the encoding bit and then makes a disk that only sound can be heard, no picture seen for the video files imported. Menus, photos and other video that is added in to the project is displayed ok.

- Picture Motion Browser, which sees all the files and can convert them using MPG conversion tool, but significantly drops the quality and the file sizes are slightly more than the original .mts format. Moreover, Disc Creation tool comes up with an error, when importing the .mts file to it - very strange.

- VoltaicHD, but this for some reason gives an error when importing the files.

I am yet to try Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12, which is next on my list or the other Ulead one, but I would appreciate some help with this matter from anyone.

Could someone provide the settings to use in TMPGEnc 4.0 Express for use with Windows Movie Maker (I like the menus you can create with that and Windows DVD Maker?

Many thanks!
2008-09-18 08:32:52
I bought new HDR-SR10 Sony handycam... and the bundled software "Picture Motion Browser" from the box offers users to convert their m2ts files to either WMV 640x480 (1000kbps) / WMV 320x240 (500kbps) and MPEG2 (with choices between High and Standard).. no more problem i guess... .WMV and .VOB are popular.
2008-09-18 21:06:57
@ Hiten

Probably installing a lot of codecs, you've messed up your system. Try Re-installing your OS, then installing only K-LITE Codecs Full Pack and VLC Player.

No other codecs please.

Then, install TMPGEnc and / or Nero 8 Ultra.

Then convert using Nero Vision.

I am sure, everything'll go fine.
2008-09-23 12:21:34
how do I use Pinnacle studio 12 ultimate to edit my m2ts files?
2008-09-23 22:15:52
@ Gil

Check Pinnacle's help and support :)
2008-10-10 13:13:18
I have a Sony HDR-SR1, so I have been taking video and then transferring it to an external drive. The only way I have been able watch it was through my pc. I just bought the new PS 3, and found that when i connect my external drive via usb to my ps3, I can finally watch my video. It works great. No way to edit the video yet, but its nice being able to watch it in high def on the ps3.
2008-10-12 21:29:26
Total Video2dvd supports m2ts to dvd directly

Total Video Converter can convert m2ts to any formats video.
2008-10-13 01:54:18
I can't help with conversion, but I just downloaded a file with this format and initially decided that VLC Player might open it. As luck would have it, I was correct. If you don't have VLC Player, you can find it with a simple Google search and it's free. It plays almost anything except for RM files, at least in my experience.

Please excuse me if this was mentioned already. I read about 7 messages deep, but didn't have time to read every single post.
2008-10-27 13:10:21
As far as I am concerned, if you have a PowerPC-based Mac (i.e., not Intel-based) running system 10.4 or 10.5, there is only ONE good way to convert ,mts (or AVCHD) video format files to an editable version, and that's by using VoltaicHD conversion software (available for both Mac and PC, by the way). See

It takes a while to convert the files to .mov files, and they take up lots of room because the converted files are uncompressed, but it works like a charm and the resulting .mov files are easily viewed in Quicktime, edited in iMovie, etc., etc.

This software saved my behind so I could edit the files from our Canon HG10 on my G5 Mac (with a Power PC chip), and it's CHEAP-CHEAP-CHEAP! Video editing takes a lot of time and space no matter what hardware & software you have, so I felt this was an incredibly viable solution to spending huge bucks on a new Intel-based Mac (that I didn't otherwise need) just to be able to edit AVCHD files in iMovie 08 for uploading on our web site!

I hope this helps someone.

I searched for a solution to this problem for a long time, and Apple was of no help, since finding out that you have to have an Intel Mac for editing these files in iMovie 08 isn't mentioned anywhere that I could find on their site. If it's there, it's well hidden.
2008-11-03 13:03:23
I am also wanting to use Premiere to edit m2ts files. I understand you can't do this, but I'm wondering if I edit the m2ts files in the Sony software, save them as an AVI and then further edit the AVI in Premiere, would the video lose quality? Your insight would be appreciated.

p.s. I heard there was a plug-in you can download for Premiere to edit the m2ts files.
2008-11-04 21:46:04
@ Catie

Yes there is a plugin,using it you can surely edit .M2TS files in Premiere CS3, if and only if you purchase and install MainConcept HD Pro codecs for Premiere.
2008-11-20 10:03:25
i just came back from my holidays and ... same probs - i have a panasonic hdc-sd9, record in m2ts. - no way with premiere pro 2.0.i can convert them into mpeg2 with the hd writer - but at the expense of quality (720x576). i know (already) its not possible to use the m2ts with premiere, but the solutions above mean loss of quality. can anybody recommend a good - and easy (by the way i am not that expert) way to convert my m2ts files into some kind of format, which i can use premiere, and the quality should be fine...i know a lot of wishes..but who knows, maybe someone could help me - thanks lot!
2008-11-30 15:58:33
After you load the disk that came with the camcorder and after you import your video's go to "Program Files" then "Song Picutre Utility" and then "Picture motion browser" you can then play the movies, only through the motion picture browser. This is the only way to play the movies on your computer.
2008-12-08 03:14:00
I tried the conversion method Pavan provided a link to in the second post here. This works fine and the results are good. There is only one thing, I want to get rid of the fade in and out for every file. I tried to 'rem' the specific line but after that I get an error message when I try to convert the files. Does anyone know how to edit the bat file to remove this?
Converting m2ts
2008-12-12 05:53:40
you guys...there is a software called( iSkysoft Video Converter ) search for it in Google, it does the job like nothing else does... good luck...
2008-12-15 15:13:43
I'm using the SR-10 and just burned a test video shot in HD. I think I changed it to SD, under settings, to burn the DVD. Is is safe to play in my DVD player? Is it really SD? Please excuse my ignorance! This is new to me!
2009-01-08 21:39:53
I have been able to successfully load & edit *.m2ts using Nero 9. My camcorder is a Sony HDR-UX1, files are created on a MiniDVD.
No usb, no firewire, no 'import from camcorder'. Just put it in the DVD drive directly from the camcorder and import directly onto the HDD.

Only problem: file names. So, I use the Sony Software, which renames the *.m2ts files to a date/time format that I can use in creating the DVDs. Caveat: DVD must be able to do AVCHD. Caveat: You must have the AVCHD codecs. Came with Nero that came with DVD player/burner.