.DTF File Extension

Database file

Database File
DTF files are files created by Lotus Domino. Lotus Domino is an enterprise-level application used for business processes and collaboration. The DTF file stores temporary data used by the server's update task. Once the update task has completed, the DTF file is automatically deleted. Generally, DTF filenames begin with "IDB" or "S0-S9" and are followed by a unique five-digit number; for example, s054321.dtf and idb98765.dtf are a valid DTF filenames. DTF files are saved automatically in a temporaray directory that is defined by an environment variable, or in the current working directory (in which case they are not automatically deleted)

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    2010-03-11 19:23:52
    From what I know, DTF is a Database file by Apple and is similar in ways to Access. We use Q&A v5.0 (on DOS) to read it, however looking into newer Windows based apps.