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Database file

Database File
DTF files are files created by Lotus Domino. Lotus Domino is an enterprise-level application used for business processes and collaboration. The DTF file stores temporary data used by the server's update task. Once the update task has completed, the DTF file is automatically deleted. Generally, DTF filenames begin with "IDB" or "S0-S9" and are followed by a unique five-digit number; for example, s054321.dtf and idb98765.dtf are a valid DTF filenames. DTF files are saved automatically in a temporaray directory that is defined by an environment variable, or in the current working directory (in which case they are not automatically deleted)

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    2015-04-14 00:21:54
    The program that opens it is Q&A from Symantec. The last version was 5.0, discontinued in 1995. There is a companion index file that ends with .IDX.

    The file format is proprietary and cannot be opened by other programs such as Access. Lantica.com has a Windows database program called Sesame that can import .DTF files and convert them. A single-user version of Sesame is available free on their website.

    The Q&A files are quite odd in that they use "forms" for data entry and display and the forms are integral to the .DTF file. You cannot create fields apart from a form, you cannot create forms not associated with a .DTF file, and you cannot have multiple forms for the same .DTF file. So, for instance, you cannot have one form for administrators, which accesses EVERY field, and a different form with only some fields for users.

    You can have MOST FORMS OF PUNCTUATION in field names, e.g., D/PAYMENT #1 is a valid field name. You can have MULTIPLE FIELDS with the SAME field name. Those two factors wreak havoc when trying to export in any dBASE format.