.BC! File Extension

BitComet Incomplete Download File

These files are created by the BitTorrent P2P file sharing application, BitComet.

When a download is started using BitComet (E.G mymovie.avi), a file is created with the extension .BC! (I.E mymovie.avi.bc!). Once the download is complete, the .BC! extension is removed.

If a file still has the .BC! extension, it indicates that the download was not completed.

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2009-03-17 20:36:12
I have a bc (bit torrent)file although it said a full 100% was downloaded. Consequently it won't open...Is there a way to access the file? It took three days to download and I don't want to trash it yet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Can I change the extension to a compatible one if I has the proper driver? Not sure what that is...thanks.