How do I use this website?

Thanks to the feedback from our visitors, is now easier to use than ever. If you know the first character of the extension you wish to query, simply click the relevant letter in the A-Z navigation above. If you prefer, you can enter the full extension (without the proceeding dot) into the search box (lower or upper case) and click the "Go!" button.

You will then be given a listing of every file extension in our database that matches your query. This listing is in alphabetical order so you can scroll through the list easily to find the extension you are looking for. If you find there is more than one entry for the file extension, don't worry - as the next page will still display all the matching file extensions. Click on the file extension you wish to view to continue.

You will now see the file extension information page, which provides detailed information on the selected file extension: File extension The file extension that you have selected. File description A brief description of the selected file extension or software. Program(s) The software that creates/views this file. File Type The type of data within the file. Operating System The operating system that the above software was designed for. Company The company that created the software that uses this extension DotWhat Notes Any additional notes relating to the extension or software. Submitted By Although we have manually added many of the extensions to our database, visitors are also able to submit file extensions or additional information. As we value their help, the least we can do is show their name and country next to the extension! However, this data is not required when submitting details.

So...What exactly is a file extension?