.ZPL File Extension

Zune MP3 Play List

Data File
The .zpl file format is used by the Zune portable media Player, Zune marketplace and Zune software to store playlist information.

These .zpl files specify the order in which to play a selection of media files.

Other .ZPL file extensions
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    2009-05-09 03:14:09
    I found them in my Zen music player, as playlists, so I guess a *.zpl file is a Zen PlayList file.
    2009-05-12 17:01:55
    How do I convert to a windows media player playlist or winamp playlist file?
    Phil Cooper
    2011-03-09 15:10:12
    .zpl files used by the Creative ZEN player have a completely different format from Zune Play List .zpl files.

    The ZEN version is a Unix-style text file, using a forward-slash (/) to separate path levels and each line is terminated with a newline character (0x0a).

    The ZEN .zpl file does not contain headers; it is a simple list of the files in the playlist, prepended with the full paths of the directories (folders) in which the files are located on the ZEN player. For example:

    /store_00010001/Music/Myst Soundtracks/Myst/Myst Theme.mp3
    /store_00010001/Music/Myst Soundtracks/Myst/Treegate.mp3
    /store_00010001/Music/Myst Soundtracks/Myst/Planetarium.mp3
    /store_00010001/Music/Myst Soundtracks/Myst/Shipgate.mp3
    /store_00010001/Music/Myst Soundtracks/Myst/The Tower.mp3
    /store_00010001/Music/Myst Soundtracks/Myst/The Last Message (Forechamber Theme).mp3