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WinZix File

Compressed File
Please read the following carefully as the .zix file format is directly associated with an application containing adware/spyware.

The .zix file format is used by the WinZix application, which claims to compress data better than any other compression format. In reality however, the WinZix application also installs some adware on a users computer. Please note, the actual .zix file does NOT contain adware, the application that you use to open/create it does (WinZix).

The first version of WinZix simply added a tiny piece of data (also known as a header record) to the start of the original file, increasing a 100KB uncompressed file to 101KB. With WinZix version 2, files are compressed using an algorithm very similar to zip archives.

Unfortunately, more and more files are appearing on the Internet with the .zix extension. The reason for this is increase is likely to be down to a dedicated team working with the WinZix creators, uploading common files but with the .zix extension. This results in more people sharing .zix files and more people downloading the WinZix application without researching the software they're installing.

Once WinZix is installed on your computer, it can be rather difficult to completely remove, as un-installing WinZix through your control panel will still leave the adware on your system. The adware process appears to cloak itself, describing itself as "iexplore.exe" (Internet Explorer).

Our advice is to not install the WinZix software. If you know how to remove the adware, please let us know below.

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    2007-05-03 18:16:48
    this zix exstension is used by some scanners. Supposedly compressing file (untrue) when you try to unzix file you'll have some adware embedded (true) in winzix.exe -when you instal this soft.
    Johan Fr¸lund
    2007-05-17 08:13:34
    winzix claims to be a file compressor but, as far as i can se, its a fake!!
    Minime.exe (part of winzix) is aparently a trojan!
    2007-06-01 08:44:49
    trojan downloader in minime.exe, tries to modify your system, luckily for me mcafee stopped it!!
    2007-06-14 21:52:09
    Can i use hex editor to change a zix file so i can open it? and if so how?
    2007-06-16 08:57:38
    To totally remove you have to edit your registry and manually find and remove all keys and - regedit, then in find type winzix and keep finding next to the end
    (delete all keys and values) What a pain..don't do this if you are not familiar with the registry
    2007-06-28 13:48:01
    not able to open a movie as it is in zix extension plz help
    2007-07-03 09:38:19
    If u downloaded one of those ugly .zix files, my best advice for you would be to NOT download any sort of programs, players etc. u dont know anything about but rather just change the fileending. (.zix >>> .zip/.rar) GL
    2007-07-20 15:51:12
    RE: Can i use hex editor to change a zix file so i can open it? and if so how?

    Apparently you can. Someone has posted very helpful and easy to follow instructions on editing .zix files with a Hex editor. Just go to wikepedia and look it up, worked for me.
    2007-07-27 17:31:28
    I need help opening my .zix file, but i dont want to download WinZix because I've seen many forums saying that there are several viruses.
    Someone please help me, talk to me on email Thank You!
    Wm S
    2007-08-31 19:50:15
    WinZix is has the AD-Ware ****,etc. but the 700 MB files are of no use. The responses, if any, are of a Psych based nature. They repeat back the question that you ask, yet make no attempt to answer. In other words, a scam!!!

    2007-09-03 21:31:52
    Winzix added Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.en to their setup file.. When I download and scan the file my Kapersky detected it and showed the following information. I recommend NOT to use Winzix.

    detected: Trojan program Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.en
    2007-09-12 01:51:17
    hello...i have a trouble with a file...with extension UPA!how open this file?what soft must be use to open this file .UPA?please help.thank's
    2007-09-18 17:23:43
    .ZIX = ****. .DBZ, .FCR .WHATEVER = ****.

    Trojan, adware. The "winzix corporation" is fake. Get real.

    To rid:

    McAfee works well on the trojan.
    Spybot takes care of the adware.

    Hey nerds go ahead and "hex" away you old-schoolers you.

    Oh and BTW. Stop downloading new extensions. It just ****s up the torrent network.

    Actually...I am making a .wtf extension that is the best compression ever. Hey dumb newbs, go to ****//**** for it! its awsome!!

    ownz virus
    2007-09-19 17:27:40
    the best way around tricky people like this is use vmware and run a virtual machine for suspect/bad software and files. And then all you have to do is close the vmware sesion and restart it :P
    2007-09-25 03:24:46
    Except for the "WinZix" thing, recently there is a new: riyocodec ;-) !!! This time it's not packager, but a multimedia codec. The same catch. I don't know if anybody tested it-they say it's brand new-August 2007, but to me the site, the EULA, almost everything reminds me of ZiX Sh... Except for the fact that I tested it with 5 different anti-everything(adware,virus,sh...)programs and it looked OK to them ?! The other interesting thing is that it's never mentioned on the Internet, yet - only few torrent trackers say that you have to have it to watch their movies. I downloaded one, file looks like the fake Zix file. Please investigate it, because this is getting interesting - I think that the same idiots are behin both... Tnx
    2007-12-07 01:45:25
    Someone right something that i don't know, i really want solve the problem!!! No keeping losing my time !!!
    Jay /
    2007-12-07 11:57:42
    Hey Chuck,

    What exactly is it you want to solve?

    2008-01-24 09:09:28
    There is a Windows program to extract .ZIX files, it is located here:

    If you are not a Windows user, you can use my perl script, located here:

    Nana Yaw
    2008-01-30 12:56:36
    Thanks a lot for the information about this. Cos i downloaded file with this .zix and decided to research about it cos it was horrible and i thaugt it was a WINZIP mistake. Any way thanx may the gate of hell welcome the developers!!!!!!
    2008-10-05 15:50:29
    I just downloaded an application which was an archive with the .zix file extension, luckily this information saved me from downloading WinZix. Thanks :)
    2009-02-10 07:42:20
    What a mess...I wish I'd read all this before I attempted installation of an application with the winzix.

    I've gotten rid of parts of it, however it's messed up my internet explorer. I keep getting popups with repeated permission requests to run Adobe Flash player and to run something else...Every time I open a web page it pops up again and again. (I'm using Vista and I'm using Norton's Internet Security - so both ask repeatedly for permission to run stuff as it is) My home page was hijacked. System restore failed.

    Grrr....I should've known better than mess with a program/file I'm unfamiliar with....hopefully I can fix this....and without a total wipe.
    2009-04-07 14:40:20
    please don't download winzix.exe application from the website as it's harmful. The application contains trojans, spyware, adware, and viruses. It's very harmful for your PC - it's totally a mess.
    2009-04-27 19:11:08
    Luckily I researched this. I noticed all the files were in .rar but in the readme, it said "YOU WILL NEED WINZIX TO EXTRACT THE FILES!" so I researched the program. Luckily, I didn't download it! I just extracted all the .rar files with WinRar and everything is fine so I don't know what stupid !#@$ thought THAT was a good idea! :P
    2009-04-28 09:22:58
    In the past (and more recently too) I have DLd torrents with winzix files but deleted them after learning about the harm it poses ... others should do the same and mention it after they DL. Torrent network admins would also need to play their part and using this info, remove the referrers/torrents from their sites (of course giving a reason why or they can direct the user to this site or ... there are still dumbf@#ks out there who still want to open these files ... seen some comments on this very page asking ... "Pls tell me how to open the file").

    Just DELETE THE FILE already .... you are already reading that it's bad, why the hell would you even want to ignore the warning and still ask how you can open the file huh ?

    In my opinion, that's the only way to clean up the torrent network of these files... in other words, if no one DL or no one seeds, the torrent WILL eventually die.

    2009-06-09 00:25:08
    This .zix format nothing but a jack ass. it's a collection of virus's downloader.
    2009-08-10 08:43:57
    i need help! stupid pop ups just keep poppin' on my screen because of that !@#$# .zix

    I also can't find it in the regedit, or search and trend micro can't detect it. please help :(
    2009-12-19 16:58:32
    you could try malwarebytes (remember to update first before u scan) also an online scanner like esnet or kapersky,
    2010-05-28 02:34:25
    .zix is spyware program which is made for harm your pc. be aware do not install or download this
    2010-10-13 13:49:16
    Just save state on a virtual machine, uninstall anti virus,load winzix on a virtual machine,unzip file, copy it off and restore state on virtual machine.