.XLR File Extension

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File

Data File
The .XLR format is the primary file extension for spreadsheets created using Microsoft Works.

Microsoft Works is an office suite available from the Microsoft Corporation. It is considered by most to be a smaller, less expensive version of the Microsoft Office suite; it includes the Microsoft Works word processor, the Works spreadsheet, and the Works database.

.XLR files are spreadsheets or charts created within 'Works', XLR files are fully importable into Microsoft Excel, Excel spreadsheets however are not fully compatible with Works and certain cell properties or data characteristics may be lost when importing Excel worksheets into Works.

If you need to open a .XLR spreadsheet but don't have Works or Excel installed on your computer try downloading the free Excel viewer (see links).

Apart from the XLR format Microsoft Works can also save worksheets into any of the following formats:

* .BKS - Works backup files.
* .WKS - Works for windows 3.0 - Works 2000 spreadsheets.
* .CSV - Comma seperated variable databases.
* .TXT - ASCII unformatted tab-delimited text files.
* .XLS - Excel worksheets.
* .WK1 - Lotus 1-2-3 files.

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Comments (17)
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2008-07-29 08:32:40
I do have excel, with windows xp, but I am unable to open an incoming docs with the .xlr extension, what do I need to do?
2008-07-29 19:16:27
Hi Ann,

Have you tried manually renaming the file and changing the extension from .XLR to .XLS. ?

i.e. right-click file - rename - then manually change the extension as above.

I've not had the opportunity to try this, but have read that it works most of the time.
2008-09-25 11:33:22
I manually renamed the file to .XLS as suggested above and it worked for me.

Thanks for the tip.
2008-10-20 17:56:36
I have files created with Microsoft works spreadsheet some are xlr but will not open with ms works spreadsheet?
2009-02-23 09:36:01
I have the same problem! I even renamed my XLR file to XLS to open it in Excel 2003!
2009-04-08 09:26:45
I created a spreadsheet with Works 7.0 but now when I attempt to open it I get a message it's a XLR & can't be opened. Also in the works task launcher the spreadsheet icon is missing so I can't access my spreadsheets. Any solutions?
2009-04-18 05:10:39
Can I open Microsoft Works Spreadsheet even if I do not have MS Works on my PC?
2009-05-05 13:15:15
Just right click on the file and choose 'open with' and pick excel.
2009-06-03 15:33:53
I need to save an Excel file as type .xlr (MS Works spreadsheet) but I don't have the .xlr option in the drop-down "file types" option. How can I do this?
2009-07-06 03:09:13
I used OpenOffice to open an .xlr file as it wouldn't open with Excel.
2009-10-01 15:12:14
I had no problems saving my file and renaming from XLR to XLS. This was a 2006 Works version doc, and I opened it in a Windows Vista Excel. Thanks for the tip.
2009-10-28 14:54:49
I have a spreadsheet in my docutments & can't open it I have always opened it with microsoft works. It is an .xlr file I installed works & office & still can't open it. Can anyone help me?
2009-11-30 21:34:55
I received an xls spreadsheet through email and tried to save as xls but when I go to send it it will only send in .xlr, which the people I'm sending it to can't open, is there any way I can make it send in xls?
Emmanuel Alba
2010-01-10 19:33:21
You just right click on the .xlr file icon and choose 'OPEN WITH' and select 'Microsoft Excel' - it will work then.
2010-03-30 04:40:05
I have typed a document up in works, but need to send it to people who only have word and they cant open it! How can I change it?
2010-12-13 12:17:06
Was unable to change name of XLR files and they would not open under notepad. Running VISTA Home Premium.
2011-05-25 20:31:27
Saved it as xlr and then changed it to xls. Worked with no problems.
Thanks for the tip.