.WRL File Extension

Virtual Reality Modeling Language Shape File

3D/CAD File
Files with the WRL extension are created with the Virtual Reality Modeling Language as one of the two parts of the VRML model. The Virtual Reality Modeling Language was developed by SGI in 1994 as a way to create three dimensional interactive vector graphics and to easily transfer them over the internet or showcase them locally in the web browser.

The VRML model contains two separate files, one with the JPG extension and one with the WRL extension. The JPG file contains the image of the object that needs to be rendered while the WRL file contains its shape. WRL files can also contain multiple objects which are placed in a coordinate space and can also store different behaviors for each of them separately.

The WRL file format contains the following sections: the header, the scene graph, the prototypes and the event routing.

How to open WRL Files

Since WLR files are text based, they can be opened using any text editor such as WordPad or Notepad for Windows, TextEdit for Mac and Nano Editor for Linux.

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2010-07-29 06:45:26
wrl files are the VRML world file, and it is used to create the 3D images, actually it is text file and contain description of edges, vertices ,color and other attributes, for window users: you can have cosmo player (plugin ) to open this file