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Windows Media Video File format

Video File
WMV (Windows Media Video) is a video compression format developed by Microsoft and originally designed for Internet streaming applications as a competitor to RealVideo.

A WMV file is in most cases encapsulated in the Advanced System Format (.ASF) container format. The file extension .WMV typically describes an .ASF file that uses Windows Media Video codecs.

The audio codec used in conjunction with Windows Media Video is some version of Windows Media Audio and in rare cases other audio codecs. It also can be put in Matroska or AVI container format. The files in this case are .MKV and .AVI respectively.

The main advantage of the format is that it allows large video files to be compressed yet retaining considerably high quality. Many on-line radio stations use it to stream continuous data flow.

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2008-10-31 06:21:09
I get wmv stuff emailed to me but my computer won't play them. I have vista. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem?
2011-03-22 19:24:46
I am trying to open/play some wmv video files that I have downloaded but I can't play them - I can only hear sound/audio.

I have tried VLC media player but even that can't open them. Help!
Jay /
2011-03-22 19:42:42
You are most likely missing a codec, try downloading a codec pack like the one here:

Let us know how you get on
2011-03-22 19:56:45
Thanks Jay - they play fine now but the media player has changed to Windows Media Player classic (but they work). Thanks!