.VVF File Extension

Speco Digital Video Recorder (DVR) File

Video File
The .VVF file format is used by Speco Technologies for files created by their Digital Video Recorder (DVR) products.

Other .VVF file extensions
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    Jordan Apils
    2009-11-03 09:45:24
    *.VVF file extension come from a DVR (digital video recorder) which is used to record scenes from a security camera.

    When you create a back-up on a recorded scene in your DVR the file would be in a form of *.vvf (e.g. 19081456.vvf).

    A lot of people are looking for a player for this file format, apparently the manufacturers neglected to include that with there DVR product.
    Henrik Dahlstrm Kivijrv
    2010-04-30 08:46:23
    Can it really be that bad? After decades of 'development' in this branch and there is not one single player for a format that I understand is quite common in surveillance equipment.

    I'm personally in a dire need of such a player to present the burglars robbing me blind in my home. If you know some-way to transfer this format to something more of a common type I'd be willing to pay for it, I just don't want to think that it'll be useless due to the format!
    Ron Hum
    2010-06-09 03:34:37
    I have a swann dvr4 950 which has a usb port that you use a flash drive to backup your vvf files. It also comes with a cd for your pc with a player on it.
    Bo Carlsson
    2011-01-31 18:58:10
    Try Google Vx4SLPlayer. It can play the videos but not convert them. Good luck!
    2011-06-04 11:05:28
    I have a Visortech dvr 4004 with the same problem. There are two players out there but they are useless to make CD/DVD's.

    I am going to try to find a VHS machine and do real time PAL/NTSC recordings and then convert those to CD/DVD format. So that should be about two hours work for 30mins of video. I am sending the DVR back to as soon as I find a replacement.