.VSV File Extension

Virtual Machine State Information File

Data File
These are temporary files used by Microsoft's Virtual Machine application to hold state information.

Virtual Machines are software versions of a computer or in other words, a computer within a computer. These virtual machines are isolated from their parent computer and use the same hardware.

When a virtual machine session is ended, a temporary file is created that stores the machine's current state. This information is stored with a .VSV formatted file. The next time the session is restored, the machine's previous state information is retrieved and the .VSV file is deleted.

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Robert Lisiecki
2010-12-10 14:07:18
I would like to know more about the file structure. I see the memory map of the VM in the file but there is a lot of other information included in the VSV file. This would be interesting to read about. Also there is a BIN file that goes along with the VSV. Why is this?