.VIS File Extension

Graphics Image File

Image File
Files with the extension .vis are image files, and are used by various developers to store graphics.

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Ken M.
2009-12-06 04:21:30
My .vis files are located in a video edit program through Magix. You are correct about it being a graphics image file but the size I encounter is 48x36 pixels. My question is - since the files are created using the .jpg format, how can I have the inherent file extension in my system so I can create a .vis formatted picture?

I want to add some assets (plugins) to my editor but cannot create one since I have no foundation file.
2010-01-22 22:48:23
I found my .VIS files while looking through my phone's data files under the GUI section, so I also agree it's an image file. The question now is how to in fact open and edit it. GIMP can't and i'm not even going to bother with Photoshop.