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The VEG file extension was developed by Sonic Foundry for their Vegas Video editing software. The company was acquired by Sony Corp. in 2003 which changed the name of the video editing program to Sony Vegas but kept all its functionalities and the main file format.

Files with the VEG extension are generated by Sony Vegas to store movie projects. They contain the entire timeline of the project, the video and audio tracks, user created special effects, transitions and references to other files.

The VEG file format does not include converted media files. It only saves references to files stored locally on the hard drive and it instructs the software to search for and load media. This is part of the Non-Linear Editing System of Sony Vegas which keeps video modifications and editing within the application, without altering the original video file. VEG files can be exported to various devices like PSPs and iPods and can also be converted to other video project formats.

How to open VEG Files

VEG type projects can be created, opened and edited with Sony Vegas. The software is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows.

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2011-05-28 02:09:41
I have a .veg file sent to me by email but I don't have any programs that can open it. What do i do?