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.VCV files are video files that have been developed in the proprietary video format developed by ViewCave International. .VCV files are commonly used for distributing free to view legal content. If the creator wishses, .VCV files may be used to generate money through the use of unobtrusive overlay ads which appear atop the video content. .VCV files are commonly viewed through the use of ViewCave's own VCV Player.

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2010-08-29 20:44:43
I have a question about opening and playing vcv files. I have a mac and recently downloaded a vcv player but I am unable to play any .vcv files. In addition, I can't open up the player. Does anyone know what's going on or how I can play my vcv files?
2012-06-01 07:29:41
A while back, I downloaded the VCV player from ViewCave, and I downloaded a few movies. I installed ViewCave's software, and ran it to open one of the movies. Surprisingly, my internet browser opened up ... to ViewCave's website. I thought it must be advertising, and the actual software should open in the background with my video. WRONG. The video that I downloaded (more than 1 GB) started playing on the webpage, embedded in an online video player.
I had already found that I could play their content online, and that was BEFORE downloading either the movie OR the player. I was a little confused; how did I benefit from the installation and downloading (of more than 5 GB, a few movies, overall)? I looked over the program and its files to see if I was missing something, but I found nothing. I had installed a couple different programs since my last virus scan, but on the day that I'd installed the VCV player, I found something -- it was a virus or malware, I forget what exactly.
In the end, I could stream the movies & videos and watch them online, or I could choose to download/install the player and the movie, then stream them and watch them online. No, I did not mis-word that. Both before and after the installation of the player, I got the EXACT same result: I had to get online and go to their website, in order to watch the movie!
On the flipside, the movies were of acceptable quality, when watching them online (installing the player or not).

My rating of the website: C+
My rating of the software: It doesn't even good enough to give any F.
F*** the software, just watch the movies online. At best, the software did NOTHING. At worst, it gave me a virus. I'll stick with something safer and more useful, like tossing my phone into the street and driving over it -- at least then I'll know if my phone can handle the abuse. (Update: It can't.)