.VBC File Extension

VodBurner Crude File

Plugin File
The file format .vbc is VodBurner crude. It is an add-on for skype to record audio only or video calls.

Vodburner records audio and video separately from both users, thus the full .vbc is separated into 2 or 4 parts. These being audio/videothisside.vbc and/or Audio/videootherside.vbc.

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    2010-09-15 17:41:09
    When I first tried to download Vodburner from Skype the process was denied by my Vista program. I had to turn off my firewall which allowed the download and then turned the firewall back on. I've had several lengthy conversations/video calls and today I attempted to view them. My system does not recognize the file extension [*.vbc].

    I hesitate to download a file that will allow my system to interpret my Vodburner files. It seems that the duplicate extension already used by MS is problematic. I have not seen a resolution offered by MS. I tried to open my .vbc files while my Skype was active and not active/open, but the files could not be read.

    What program in Vista allowed you to view your .vbc files? Perhaps I can access mine through that program by browsing and choosing the .vbc
    2010-10-24 12:44:16
    Can you please tell me the software in which i can open .vbc video files. i can't open it in windows media player, winamp or vlc etc. please suggest or tell me a converter software which convert this file to avi or mpeg