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MagicISO Disc Image File

Disk Image File
The .UIF file extension belongs to MagicISO, an application for creating backups of your computer's data. These backups can contain any kind of data; from music, photos and movies to games or your personal emails.

Once you have chosen the data that you wish to backup and have selected the destination for the backup (CD or DVD), Magic ISO uses compressed .UIF (Universal Image Format) formatted files to store the selected data.

Magic ISO is popular as it contains some powerful features such as data encryption and password protection, and lets you create bootable CD/DVD images. However, MagicISO is only available for the Windows operating system.

To create a .UIF file in MagicISO:

1. Start MagicISO
2. Select the files you wish to save as .UIF and drag them into the ISO panel
3. Click on the 'save as' button
4. Select .UIF (Universal image format)
5 .Enter the name of the file that you wish to call your backup
6. If you wish to protect your data enable the password protection option and enter your password
7. Choose your compression ratios
8. Save the file to create your UIF image file

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    Comments (12)
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    2007-09-10 05:29:28
    How to open UIF and save files with Magic ISO? Please reply in details,if possible with illustration, as never come across with this software, before. Thanks!
    John Doe
    2008-01-11 00:02:36
    Wow! Another useless crap format that does nothing special other than pollute the wonderful...
    2008-01-22 23:04:15
    what fun you get out of this making non standard products...what am i supposed do with this software junk.

    i've already bought Alcohol, u ve created another. r u aware that u r involved in unethical selling's so easy to creat new format and let the junk in mkt for buyer to purchase.
    David Joe
    2008-01-24 13:15:39
    Not to mention its also spyware, I didnt think anything was more annoying than the elusive Yahoo! tool bar,.. but this program.. please. write something useful with your community college " computer science" majors people.

    And for the rest of you guys,.. go drop the 71 bucks on Nero 8, its totally worth it, and least you know you're getting sofware from professionals.
    2008-02-14 23:49:28
    I share the sentiment of others! Useless piece of crap..
    2008-04-06 19:09:13
    I'm left wondering what on earth does .uif do that .dmg hasn't done easier, quicker and for free in MacOSX for the last 8 years, except make yet another incompatible file format.

    My pet peeves on the internet: Badly named files, senseless acronyms, archives within archives, people who archive files without putting them in a folder (or checking the content) AND arcane and difficult to extract file formats.

    As if Windows users aren't already limping badly, they shoot themselves in the foot yet again.
    2008-04-21 16:36:19
    Here we go again what a piece of useless crap
    crptonym AD
    2008-05-28 14:51:57
    What a **** this is, just to be a bit innovative & different from the convention, people tend to go out of their mind & end up making things like uif. Of what use is this piece of crap. There were already enough formats available along with plethora of software to make an encrypted image, then y this ???????????????????
    the king of spades
    2008-06-07 16:25:12
    I am a windows user of over 10 years and this has got to be the biggest load of crap i have ever seen. Why would anyone make an archive method that you need to buy an application for?
    Peed Off
    2008-11-11 15:52:33
    I can only agree with everyone else and in particular to "the King of spades" comments.
    I am now left with a downloaded file that I can do nothing with!!!
    2008-12-01 21:34:12
    Worthless waste of system resources just for a program that doesn't support ANYTHING! Why can't the grassroot Open-Source Community create something of use and value that will permit universal file formats? Will the real white-hat programmers please step-up?
    2011-09-16 04:43:29
    same here....created some back ups when I first got magiciso and was like a password lock how neat.......stashed my programs away and now the password lock is not so neat! sure would like to know how to get around it.