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Tab Separated Values

Data File
The TSV file format is a text-based format for database tables. TSV is an acronym for “Tab Separated Values”. A tab separated values file is a simple text file used for storing data in columns. Each text line is a record in the table and each value contained in a record is delimited from the next with a tab stop character.

Most spreadsheet editors can be used to import TSV files and rearrange data into cells while maintaining the general layout of the document. Spreadsheet editing applications can also export data as TSV files offering users the possibility to view the information as a simple text file.

Tab Separated Values files are the preferred alternative to Comma Separated Values files (CSV) which can be more difficult to work with because of the comma-based data delimitation method.

How to open TSV files

Due to its simplicity the TSV file format is supported by a large number of applications and it is also used for transferring tabular data between various programs such as database software and spreadsheet editors.

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