.TSK File Extension

Windows Mobile Pocket PC Theme File

Configuration File
Theme file used by various Pocket PC, PDA and smart phone devices that use the Windows Mobile operating system.

These .TSK theme files (also known as a skin file) contain the settings and images used to change the visual appearance of the user interface of a Windows mobile device, such as the default font, background image and menu items.

Windows mobile pocket PC theme files can be downloaded from many websites. The .TSK file is then transferred from your PC to your mobile device.

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Samuel Konger
2010-07-30 18:46:24
If you want to view the picture of the theme, then open them with WinZIP or WinRar.

There will be three files named 0stwater.002,LDTHEM~1.000 & tdywater.001. The first and the last files can be viewed by windows picture viewer (Use Open with option or rename the extension with .jpg) Otherwise use any software to view/edit/create theme for WMPPC like ThemeGenCE.