.TK2 File Extension

Easy CD Creator Take Two Backup File

Backup File
Hard drive backup file created with 'Take Two', part of the 'Easy CD Creator' tool-set by Adaptec.

As 'Take Two' was designed to backup an entire hard-drive, there may be multiple .tk2 files which have been split in order to create an image of the entire disk.

Take Two allowed the user to backup their data to CD-R and also allowed you to create a floppy disk to restore your hard-drive.

The .tk2 file format (as well as Take Two) are no-longer supported.

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Comments (2)
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2010-05-19 15:52:20
This file extension is from Take Two Easy CD Creator.

I used the program to create a backup for the contents of my computer.

That was, oh, about 4 computers ago, and I no longer have the software. Found the discs today.

Can't open them; Roxio does not have a means for me to access the information, which I guess is no longer relevant to me.
2010-08-12 20:25:07
Tk2 is a file extension used by Roxio EasyCD Creator Take Two Backup. You need Windows 2000 or older and the actual program to open said files