.TIB File Extension

Acronis True Image Disk Image

Disk Image File
Acronis True Image is an easy-to-use backup application. Acronis True Image allows you to create backups of single files or your complete hard-drive, allowing you to perform a restore should you lose data in the event of a fatal system crash etc. Acronis True Image also has in-built functions to backup common data such as music, video, digital photos or application settings.

The .TIB extension is used by the "Acronis True Image" application to store the backup data

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abdul ahad
2008-05-21 09:25:37
I have got a file named xxxx.tib which is supposed to be a backup for a system. Now that particular system is crashed. How could I use that file to restore the system again? waiting for an earliest reply
2008-09-21 08:49:01
have the same problem.. how do i restore the image?.. need a special program i suppose.. please a little help
2008-09-29 04:40:05
Startup the computer on a acronis true image boot disk. Use restore from image, select destination your c: drive and the source that image of yours.
2009-03-27 15:37:19
Where do you get that Acronis True Image Boot Disk from? Thanks. I have tried to buy the program from Acronis but their site is freaking so slow that it says it will take 25 hours to download. I can't sit there and wait for that long, even unattended.