.THMX File Extension

Microsoft Office (2007+) Theme

Miscellaneous File
Files with the THMX extension are theme files created with Microsoft Office, versions 2007 or later. An Office theme can be saved using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. They’re used to provide a consistent look across documents created with any of applications below.

Microsoft Office themes contain pre-defined fonts, effects, colors and formatting. Starting with version 2007 of Microsoft Office, a single THMX file can be applied to Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents in order to give them a similar look. Custom themes can be saved by accessing the Themes Group Panel, selecting "More" and clicking on "Save Current Theme". THMX files are saved in the "Document Themes 12" folder located in the root Microsoft Office folder.

Just like any Microsoft Office 2007+ file format, THMX files are based on the Open XML format which stores all content in a zipped archive. The archive contains XML, RELS and media files (if applicable) stored in three separate folders named “docProps”, “theme” and "_rels". Files with the RELS extension dictate how the parts of the document connect to form a single file. The archive also includes a [Content_Types].xml file which describes the spreadsheet and separate XML files for each worksheet. This archived approach makes file content more accessible. For example images and text are stored individually within the archive.

How to open THMX files

Microsoft Office Themes can be loaded by accessing the Themes Group in the Page Layout tab of Excel, Outlook and Word or from the Design tab in PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

New themes can also be downloaded by clicking on “More Themes on Microsoft Office Online”. Microsoft SharePoint can also load THMX files.

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2008-01-16 09:23:39
Within the C:program filesMicrosoft OfficeDocument Themes 12 folder I opened the 'module.thmx' file and edited the 'theme1.thmx' file to include custom colors. It worked. I double click on Module.thmx, which launches ppt and see my custom colors on the color palette. However, if I launch ppt straight away I do not see my custom colors. My question: How do I see my 'custom colors' in PPT, Word and Excel? Do I have to store this 'module.thmx' in another location?