.TAR File Extension

Unix Archive

Compressed File
Files with the TAR (Tape Archive) extension are consolidated file packages created with the Unix-based TAR program. The TAR File Format is a standard in the Linux/Unix world.

Although considered archives, TAR files are actually data packages used to bundle a large number of files into a single, larger file, for archiving or for faster file transfer.

TAR packages aren’t compressed in any way but they’re often used for assembling files before archiving them. The most common compression type used for TAR files is GNU Zip. After archiving, TAR files change their extension to â€"TAR.GZ”. The BZIP2 compression method is also often used, resulting in a â€"TAR.BZ2” file.

How to open TAR files

TAR packages and TAR.GZ/TAR.BZ2 archives have become a standard for data compression and data transfer across all major Operating Systems. They can be opened and unpacked with a wide range of programs.

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