.T08 File Extension

TaxCut 2008 Tax Return

A data file that contains all the information needed to fill in both the state and federal tax return using the H&R Block TaxCut tax software. The file is used to save the tax returns for the year 2008.

The TaxCut software is now called At Home by the same company, but the older files from TaxCut can still be imported and viewed in the new At Home software and the same format is used in the new software for files in newer years.

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2011-04-13 18:08:26
I need to open my .t08 file to retrieve information needed for my 2010 federal filing. I only have the 2009 version of the Tax Cut software.

How do I view my older 2008 file using the 2009 version of Tax Cut? When I select "Open Saved Return" from the File menu, the software only looks for returns ending in the .t09 extension. Mine ends in .t08. Thanks.
2011-06-19 18:17:54
make a copy of the file and change the extension from .T08 to .T09. It worked for me with the 2010 software.
2011-06-20 14:14:47
That worked. Thanks.