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.SWF (Small Web Format) is an Adobe Flash file format which contains multimedia, text, both vector and raster graphics and also may include some interactive features written on ActionScript.

The original developer of the format was FutureWave Software, which then transferred to Macromedia and is now controlled by Adobe.

First designed to present sequentially only vector-based graphics, .SWF can now hold audio and video information and many different possible forms of interactivity. The file can be built in several Adobe software products: Flash, Flash Builder, After Effects, etc. Once created it can be played via Adobe Flash Player (either as a standalone player or browser plug-in).

.SWF files can also be encapsulated with the player so to create a self-running .SWF which is called a â€"projector”

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    Paul H
    2007-08-01 12:03:41
    How would you go about reverse engineering a swf file?