.SVN-BASE File Extension

Subversion Base

Developer File
.SVN-Base files are files created by Subversion, which is a free open source version control system.

.SVN-BASE files store a base copy of a file that is checked out from the Subversion repository which is then used to compare the working copy of a project file against its latest checked out version.
SVN-BASE files are created by Subversion on the developer's computer when files are checked out from the repository, which then allows Subversion to compare changes to files locally without having to re-fetch them each time from the remote repository.

These SVN-BASE files are usually stored within a .SVN hidden directory of a Subversion project.

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2011-04-05 19:04:08
I went to my recent items and saw "background.png.svn-base", got curious and tried to open the item.

I was met with a message from windows saying I needed to specify which program to open it with. Since I had not done anything with a file with this name, I looked it up and found this article.

Could someone please tell me what its for, why it could possibly be on my recent items? Thanks in advance.