.SQM File Extension

Operation Flashpoint Mission File (OFP)

Operation Flashpoint is a tactical FPS / battlefield simulator developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio in 2001, and published by CodeMasters.

Other .SQM file extensions
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    Ken Burrows
    2007-01-15 23:51:14
    Windows Live Messenger leaves Log Files "Hidden" in the c:\ directory using the filnames SQMDATAnnn.SQM and SQMNOOPTnnn.SQM files.
    2008-01-28 01:21:35
    I downloaded UltraEdit32 Text Editor free 30 day trial. Thats when I started seeing these SQM extensions. Can't open them and going to Microsoft site for help they said they didn't know of this situation yet. Alot of help as usual. And in MSN help,customer feedback options, participation was unchecked. So I have now deleted UltraEdit32. Hopefully that will solve this extension.