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Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image

Game File
.SMC files are digital images (ROMs) of the original cartridges used in Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). To use these ROMs on your computer, you will need an emulator.

One of the more popular SNES emulators for the PC is ZSNES, a simple to use application that lets you simply locate the .smc file and play.

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    2008-07-30 00:31:51
    I have the super nintendo game can play with the
    cartridges and another device called PARTNER.The PARTNER DEVICE can install the SMC files using with the FLOPPY DISK.
    But some SMC file size are more bigger than 1.4MB floppy disk.So I decided to split the bigger file,using the splitting software.

    Most of the software can split the files but my partner device cannot detect their split files.So how could I solve this problem.Is there any other already split SMC file can I download?
    2008-08-20 03:18:47
    Rename your split files to SMC.
    Harish Dholwani
    2008-09-13 06:43:20
    How to edit smc roms for cheat code.
    2009-06-07 16:02:27
    I downloaded a backup of my killer instinct game for super Nintendo and the graphics and names are labelled wrong. I was wondering if there was a program to open the .smc file and rename a few things to correct this mistake. I would be greatly appreciative if someone could help.