.SLC File Extension

Satellite TV Recorded Video File

Video File
Used by a small number of Satellite TV recorders, these .SLC files are saved to the internal HDD and contain video data.

BT's Vision Box is one particular recorder known to use these files.

Other .SLC file extensions
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    2010-09-08 07:05:04
    Hi, i just found this extension in my extra tv box (service of T-com in Montenegro). Whole recorded database on hard drive from that box are in hundreds files of slc extensions. Any way to convert them?
    2010-12-19 10:22:49
    The SLC file extension is used in the UK by BT's Vision box. As yet I've been unable to pay the files. VLC player does play the file but without proper sound or vision.
    2013-12-15 06:24:46
    Vlc does not support this format out of the box. if there are specific instructions please add them.