.SGT File Extension

Microsoft DirectMusic Producer Segments File

Audio File
Used by developers to add audio to their applications to be played through DirectX.

Other .SGT file extensions
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    Peter Warner
    2010-07-10 02:48:12
    The new screensaver "Marine Aquarium 3" has one included music file which plays in the background while the screensaver is active. The song is called "CanonGuitar.sgt" (it's actually "Christmas Canon Rock" by Transiberian Orchestra).

    It has a .sgt extension and will not open with any program I have including VLC media player. It opens fine in notepad but it's nothing I can read. I wanted to add more background music to the screensaver, but so far, I have no idea what a .sgt file is. By the way.

    "CanonGuitar.sgt" plays just fine in the screensaver!
    Peter Warner
    2010-07-10 02:58:02
    .sgt apparently is related to Microsoft's "Direct Music Producer" and more info is on this link: