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Backup/Archive Checksum File (Internet Download)

Text File
SFV (Simple File Verification) files are small files found within an archive. These files are used by your archive application (E.g WinRAR or WinZIP) to check that the file you have downloaded is complete and that the data within the archive is the same as when it was created. This process is used to ensure the data has not been corrupted during the upload/download.

The .SFV file contains a complete list of all expected file names in the archive and each file is assigned a special value called a "CRC Checksum", which is simply a count of the number of "bits" in each file. If a file's "CRC Checksum" does not match the value specified in the .SFV list, the file and thus the entire archive is presumed corrupt.

If you need to create a single .SFV file, you can an application such as use "Easy SFV Creator".

If you are looking for a good archiving application (to open or create an archive), try WinRAR.

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2006-05-06 13:42:47
Exactly the info I was looking for! Just downloaded a 3.2gb file using eMule and it looks like I'll have to download it AGAIN because it's corrupt :(
2006-06-30 07:13:37
great site thanks for the help. i spent ages downloading a utility and online game only to find they are both currupt because of a power cut!