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ScopeEdit Object File

ScopeEdit is a text editor, like Windows Notepad for example, which can be used by computer programmers to 'code' programs in the same way that someone would write a letter in notepad.

When programming, using a plain text editor like NotePad can make it hard to see certain syntax or the actual structure of the program. Having the syntax highlighted or the structure broken down by a graphical tree can make the whole process allot easier, especially when trying to debug code.

Unfortunately, every programming language uses different syntax/structures so support for each language must be built in to the editor. This is why ScopeEdit uses the .seo files, they simply stand for "ScopeEdit Objects" and contain information on the programming language's syntax/structure.

It appears that development/support is no longer available.

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2007-02-02 05:12:04
What are .SEO files and what is its use?