.QRP File Extension

QuickReport Report

Developer File
QuSoft's "QuickReport" is a collection components/controls that allows the Delphi and C++ Builder IDE to design reports.

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    2007-01-14 22:05:19
    Thankyou for the QuSoft QuickReport link, I was typing it wrong.
    Jay /
    2007-03-05 12:30:09
    No problem Ken, glad we could help!
    2007-06-06 17:42:35
    How do I view a QRP on a computer that does not have the delphi program that it was generated on??
    2007-08-09 02:37:30
    How do I edit this QRP file?
    2008-03-20 09:53:50
    QRPs are generated using Unify Report Builder. Check their website, they might have a downloadable runtime file.
    cheryl kampe
    2008-08-11 10:56:35
    How do we open a .QRP file?
    nyasha manhanga
    2008-09-01 23:29:27
    am trying to open reports that were generated from another program i am running with the extension .QRP that i have saved on to another computer. If you could help , which program can i use to open the file. Need help fast
    2009-12-04 12:38:24
    I am trying to open a .qrp report but it is just symbols. I need to find a solution to open this file as I need to copy it and put it on a disc to give to me book-keeper.