.PTX File Extension

RealLegal Portable E-Transcript Viewer File

Data File
These files are created by various programs within the RealLegal software suite and contain an electronic form of the transcript data from a courtroom. These files are greatly smaller than a similarly formatted DOC file, for instance, and were designed specifically with e-mail size in mind since these files are e-mailed to attorneys.

These files may also be converted between PTX and EXE files with the latter being a self-contained viewer/PTX file.

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2009-05-20 11:56:02
The .ptx file extension is for transcripts of legal proceedings, like hearings, depositions, or trials. It is a special format that allows the words captured by the court reporter to be easily displayed on your screen in much the same way they appear on the paper version of the transcript. It is also easier to search and prints better than a regular ASCII or .txt file does. I much prefer to receive a .ptx file than either an ASCII or a .txt file, but I find that some court reporters don't even know what I'm talking about when I ask for .ptx.
2009-07-15 12:16:04
Other than RealLegal, is there a single user program that I can purchase to convert ascii to a .ptx format?