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Pocket Word Document

Text File
Pocket Word is the streamlined version of Microsoft's popular desktop PC word processor. It's been available to Windows CE users ever since the first Handheld PCs were introduced in 1997.

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    2007-04-17 12:35:46
    I have a new laptop with Vista. I am not able to open my Word documents after sync. The extension now shows as a PSW file. Help! Might I add that I am not very computer savvy.
    Hugo Equihua
    2007-09-20 14:35:24
    Have you solved the inconvenience ??? I am in the same situation
    Judith Linnell
    2008-03-03 04:16:17
    me too - exactly same problem. Have iPaq PDA with Pocket PC Pro 2003 but now have Vista on pc and all my Word Docs are shown as PSW & PWI files - any ideas how i can 'read' them?
    2008-06-05 12:52:44
    use Textmaker Viewer
    Judith Linnell
    2008-06-09 03:29:28
    I downloaded the Textmaker viewer from the C/net website and it works fine reading PSW & PWI files. I was advised that this is a more reliable website to use.
    2008-12-15 19:16:50
    Thanks, I had download Textmaker from, however, the Chinese chars are not successfully shown, any solution for displaying the Chinese chars?