.PPTM File Extension

Microsoft Office PowerPoint (2007+) Presentation (Macro Enabled)

Data File
Files with the PPTM extension are Macro-Enabled Presentations created with Microsoft PowerPoint, versions 2007 or later. PowerPoint was developed by Microsoft in 1990 and is currently the leading application for creating, editing and showcasing commercial and non-commercial presentations. It is available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

PPTM files contain individual pages known as "slides" which are fully customizable. These may contain text, pictures, videos, graphics and other objects that can be arranged freely within the page. Additionally, PPTM files may contain Macros. Embedding them into the document's structure is done via the Macro Recorder included in MS Office which can save command sequences and create macros to replicate them automatically.

The PPTM format is based on the Open XML architecture which stores all content in a zipped archive. The archive contains XML, RELS and media files (if applicable) stored in three separate folders named â€"docProps”, â€"ppt” and "_rels". Files with the RELS extension dictate how the parts of the document connect to form a single file. This archived approach makes file content more accessible. For example images and text are stored individually within the archive.

How to open PPTM files

The contents of a PPTM file can be extracted individually by opening it with a data compression application (i.e. WinZip or WinRAR). The XML files of a PPTM document can be opened with any basic text editor and any web browser.

PPTM files can be opened with a limited number of applications, the most popular being Microsoft PowerPoint and Corel WordPerfect Office. If converted to other formats such as PPT or PPTX, they can be opened with a large number of applications but will lose their macro functionality.

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