.PPS File Extension

Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show

Data File
.pps files are created and opened using Microsoft's PowerPoint application. PowerPoint is a presentation program and is mostly used for displaying digital slides during business/educational presentations and is also widely used for displaying picture slideshows received by email.

Files using the PPS format can contain a combination of text, pictures and even movies. These files are all held within a single .pps file, so you only have one file to distribute or receive. The .pps file also holds information on how the presentation is displayed, such as the transition effects between slides.

To simply view a PowerPoint .PPS file you can download 'PowerPoint Viewer 2007', which is available free from Microsoft's website (link below). However, to create a PowerPoint slide-show you will need PowerPoint (which is part of Microsoft Office suite) which will also let you save your presentations in the .ppt (presentation) format, which is identical to the .PPS format except it will instruct PowerPoint to open the file in 'edit mode' (a .PPS extension indicates that the slideshow should be opened in 'Play mode').

PowerPoint is available for both the Windows and MAC OS operating systems and is now arguably the standard way of displaying presentation slides, making the slide projector virtually redundant.

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    Comments (13)
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    2007-06-24 15:30:33
    thanks dotwhat! =)
    Brian Cairney
    2007-07-25 21:41:16
    Show me a way to open e-mails with .pps extensions. I have microsoft suite installed
    2007-11-28 11:06:15
    Want to download attachments and need to instal this program
    Jay /
    2007-11-30 13:45:57
    Hi leanaharman,

    You can find a free powerpoint slideshow viewer from Microsoft in the links section above.

    Hope this help, good luck
    joe correia
    2007-12-27 07:35:02
    I need help to open my mails
    2008-01-07 16:15:08
    i need help to open my mails
    2008-01-24 12:35:51
    I am using AdobeGo Live for my website design.
    I imported a powerpoint 97-2003 slide show .PPS file.
    All works fine when opening the site with a computer that uses Office 97-2003. However,
    when I open the website on another computer that has Powerpoint 2007, the Powerpoint opens as a.ppt in edit mode. Is this a bug in Powerpoint 2007? Is there a way around this?
    2008-03-22 13:32:01
    I need to download pps file to open my mail please
    Gus Vlahos
    2008-10-05 21:12:23
    I have received several emails with and extension .PPS that I cannot open. The message I get is:
    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Association Control Panel.

    I went into the control panel >default programs >set associations, but there is no .pps extension anywhere in there.

    I do have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, and I am using Windows Vista.

    Is there any other way that you know of to help me create an association?

    Your help would immensely appreciated.

    Yours truly,

    Gus Vlahos
    2008-10-20 08:03:54
    I'm using MS office 2007, but cant us my PowerPoint file in play mode - is this a problem in MS office 2007?
    2009-11-14 09:51:44
    After upgrading to Windows 7 and forced to use Outlook I find .pps extensions will not open within Outlook. However, .pps extensions will open outside of Outlook. I have PowerPoint Viewer 2007 and downloaded it again today. When attempting to change the program associated with .pps in Default Programs>Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program, PowerPoint Viewer 2007 does not appear as a program option although I know it is there. How do I open .pps extensions within Outlook using Win7.
    Sheila Morgan
    2010-03-18 12:23:05
    Can .pps files be used as screen-savers? If yes, how?
    2010-09-24 13:58:53
    You can find a free powerpoint slideshow viewer from Microsoft in the links section above.