.PM File Extension

Perl Module File

Developer File
Files with the PM extension are modules written in Perl, a high-level, interpreted, dynamic programming language developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. PM files contain lines of code which define programming elements such as functions, variables or interfaces. Because the Perl language has a compact syntax, the code may be difficult to read even for users with prior programming training.

Perl modules are usually parts of a larger Perl application and can be of two types: Procedural and Object-oriented. Procedural modules are used to define variables and subroutines of the function referencing the module while object oriented modules act as class definitions and have to be accessed using method calls.

How to open PM Files

PM files can be opened and edited with any text editor such as Notepad for Windows, TextEdit for Mac and Vim for Linux and they can be compiled with Perl.

Other .PM file extensions
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