.PLS File Extension

PlayList File

Audio File
A .pls file is a playlist, a listing of digital media files (e.g music tracks) sorted in the intended order. This list is then used by your media-player to play the media in the correct sequence.

Playlists are often used with music albums, where the included playlist will inform your media player that tracks should be played in their original order (track 1 followed by track 2 etc).

These files do not contain any media data, instead they contain a (text) listing of the file names.

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    anne dizon
    2007-06-03 05:35:18
    how will i convert .pls files to mpeg or mp4?
    please help!!
    2008-02-29 14:25:22
    it's impossibile to convert .pls to mpeg or mp4, because the .pls playlist is only a plain text file that indicates where the files are situated.
    Granny Gamer
    2008-03-02 15:36:21
    I'm not sure if this will help, but if you OPEN the pls file in RealPlayer, then click on the name of the selection (on the Now Playing bar at the bottom or on the title) you should be able to access the Clip Info screen.

    On that screen, you'll see the URL for the actual audio file (which the playlist points to). Often, this IS an MP3 file.

    Copy and paste the URL in your browser window and open the file directly. Then, you can save the file to your computer as an MP3 or whatever format.

    If it's a RAM file, you can convert it to an MP3 file by using the Save As function or one of the many converters available online. That way, you can play the files offline using WMP or RP.

    Hope this helps!
    2008-04-21 11:10:53
    i need help please :)

    I cant listen radios online because he says i dont have pls extension but i have winamp,wmplayer,real player,vlc player.mpclassic,so if you could help me please? :)

    hugs and take care and have a nice week:)
    2008-05-03 04:30:50
    I tried grannygamers' advice (opening the .mp3-URL directly in my browser), but then it says "invalid resource". Would anyone know why that is, and how to resolve?
    2008-05-18 14:45:49
    I've got the same problem as Carlos. Please, help!