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Photo CD is a proprietary CD-ROM format created by Kodak.

The technology was introduced to provide a cost-effective way to get images from 35 millimetre photographic film to digitised files on a CD-ROM.

The act of creating a Photo CD is a combination of photofinishing and CD authoring. It requires the use of a specialised hardware/software solution that is not part of the standard CD-ROM creation process. Despite what the name may suggest, a Photo CD is not simply any CD with photos on it. By the same token, the act of putting digitised photos onto a CD-ROM does not necessarily result in a Photo CD.

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    Bill Neilsen
    2009-01-09 12:02:27
    I have a "photo cd" on which are 10 old photo images in Kodak .pcd format. Anyway to covert images to jpeg or is there anyone who can print images in 8 X 10 format, or other?
    william Krems
    2009-02-07 21:02:54
    I have some .pcd photo files I believe they were created by Adobe photo deluxe.