.PBF File Extension

Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File

Pinnacle Project Studio is a software application that provides CD-quality multitrack hard disk recording.

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John K Barber
2006-12-26 22:38:56
How do I open a .pbf file?
2007-01-24 05:07:21
Whats ?!

is that tha way to answer stpid english man.
just say sorry i don't understand italian.
Gerd May
2008-04-02 01:08:53
the extension .pdf is produced by the PDA-backup-program "Sprite backup", written for Windows Mobile 5.0. see
Jackie Griffith
2008-12-29 05:24:43
After backing up Hard Drive C with Paragon Back up 9, all the files have the extension .PBF

I would like to open them just to find out what they contain? I tried Adobe Reader which doesn't work and now I don't know how to revert to the .PBF extension in case it was the one needed if I had to restore my system! Hope you understand what I'm trying to say, Thanks.