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Pages Document

Text File
The .PAGES file extension belongs to documents created by Apple's 'Pages', a word-processing and page layout program.

These files can contain text, images etc.

Pages belongs to Apple's iWork office suite of applications (similar to Microsoft Office on the PC).

There are no known ways of opening these files on a PC, however Pages does export to many common PC formats (i.e. doc, pdf etc).

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unable to convert .pages
2010-12-07 20:41:03
I have been trying to open a .pages file with any microsoft office program. I get different messages, but I can't find a converter that will work. Anyone know of a way to do it?
2010-12-18 18:42:22
To open on a Windows PC:

Open a .pages file in a file compression program (Winzip, Winrar, IZArc, etc). Look inside for a file named "Preview.pdf" and you'll see the contents of the original file!
2012-12-15 13:33:34
The .pages format is actually a compressed image (zip) format containing several files. If you open it with a program that decompresses images (like WinZip, Unzip, etc. on Windows, or Ark or gunzip on Unix), then you can view the preview documents in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format or .jpg (photo image thumbnail).