.P7S File Extension

PKCS #7 Digitally Signed Message

Text File
A .P7S file is a PKCS7 (Public Key Cryptographic Signature, type 7) digital signature, which simply proves that someone has sent the message and nobody has changed it since.

It is best opened by some plugin for your email program.

Check with the program vendor or source for updates to handle this kind of security option.

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2009-03-30 06:55:07
Someone sent me emails which have .P7S attachments but I cant open them in any programs. The extension is P7S Signature and Certificates.

I'm trying to download a program which can open this kind of document, but I cant find one.
2011-03-26 07:31:52
I couldn't open an attached file because of the .p7s extension - could anyone tell me how I can open the .p7s extension attachment? Which software is used to open the p7s file?